I think that I am going to try to take the time out to blog about motherhood. The different funny stories that happen throughout the day in the life of a working mom. So to start off I have a great story about my son, who is 5 years old and just started Kindergarten:

Excited as I was for my 5 year old to start Kindergarten, I had no idea the experiences that would be in store just for the first week. Day One: My son came home on the bus...the only problem is, was that he was supposed to attend the after school program. Thank Goodness, my wonderful husband decided to show up at the bus stop just in case. To his suprise guess who comes skipping off the one other than my 5 year old. So, I get a call at work and he tells me to contact the school to see what in the world was going on.
Day 3: when I picked my son up from after school care he was burning hot, so I checked his temperature which was high so I had to keep him home the next day.

The following week just continues to get better. Just when we get the whole go to the after school program figured out, no bus ride home after school my son decides to take it upon himself to tell the teacher his plans.LOL!

I pick him up on a Tuesday from the after school program and he says "I don't like the after school program". I ask why and he says there is too many kids there. I explain that he has to attend because Mommy and Daddy work. The next day, Wednesday, my husband gets a call from the teacher, who says "Your son told me he can ride the bus home today and he does not have to go to the after school program in the cafeteria. She tells my son that she has to have a note from his Dad before she can send him home on the bus and my son proceeds to tell her that his Dad is going to bring in a note". Needless to say, she calls my wonderful husband to confirm that he continue to go to the after school care in the cafeteria. Thursday, My son absolutely refuses to go to the after school program in the cafeteria and the teacher has to stay with him until that wonderful husband of mine goes to pick him up because I was in a meeting clear across the county. So, I would have to say we had wonderful Kindergarten experience thus far and it has just begun.

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Comment by Shawna Boyer on October 9, 2010 at 6:24pm
Thanks for the suggestions. My first cousin is a janitor at the school and that has made my son feel a lot better about staying afterschool:-) He looks for him everyday now. My mom also started picking him up 1 hour before I would get there, which helped him as well. Thanks again for the comment. I am now following you on twitter and your blog! Thanks again for the comment. Take Care:)
Comment by Vanita on October 8, 2010 at 12:09am
great idea to share your mommyhood stories, i promise you, you'll enjoy it. And don't worry too much about your boy, as soon as he makes friends, which can be hard your first year at school, he'll be happy to go to the program. maybe you or daddy can drop by early one day and show him all the great things to do, get him excited. It's how I got one of my girls willing and ready when she was in kindergarten. good luck and thanks for sharing. looking forward to hearing more.





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