2010 Olympic Headline news: "Apolo Anton Ohno yawned seconds before his big race." What we can't figure out is why viewers were so stunned. This man should be friggin' exhausted after training like he did to make it this far! Why would yawning indicate that he has a "lackadaisical American approach?" We're physically drained just watching the Olympics from afar. We liken this incident to that a working mom yawning before a big meeting or presentation. It's not a sign that she is bored (at least we hope not) or uncommitted. She, or we, are just plain old run down for goodness sake. Give the yawner a break- he did happen to win a BRONZE medal. The kind of medal we deserve for being working moms. Heck, make ours a GOLD!

We're making our own headline news here at Butterfly- just check out what we have in-store for you in March:

*Exclusive video interview with featured mom mentor and maternity-wear designer, Liz Lange.

*Up-close and personal video interview with mom mentor and founder of Alison Brod PR, Alison Brod.

*Teleclass with nationally known Psychotherapist and award winning reporter, Dr. Robi Ludwig, who will offer practical work/life solutions and provide strategies to better manage guilt and balance (March 2nd, 8:30 p.m.). Partial proceeds from this teleclass will go to the not-for-profit foundation "R Baby" which is uniquely focused on saving babies lives through improving pediatric emergency care. Dr. Ludwig is a regular contributor to the Today Show as well as CNN, Headline News, The Fox News Channel and TruTv where she talks about psychological/lifestyle issues. She also appears on national shows such as: E!, Regis and Kelly, Oprah, The View, Bill O’Reilly, and Hannity and Colmes, helping audiences and guests alike to understand the complexities of the human condition. To pre-register for this incredible opportunity and to learn from the best email Negotiated Butterfly Cost: Only $59, Space is limited!

Dr. Robi Ludwig

*MyWorkButterfly has joined on as a media sponsor for the Women Empowering Women Summit Tour. “The Women Empowering Women Summit was created to help women reach their full potential, recognize their own inner greatness, step out of their comfort zone, and to support non-profit organizations that need it the most. This international tour will allow us to achieve these goals around the world one city at a time,” states Kisha Mays, Butterfly member and Founder and CEO of Women Empowering Women. When & Where: A 26-city tour starting in March, 2010. Use coupon code Butterfly to receive your negotiated discounted rate just for being a member of our community. Details in Butterfly's Events section.

March is jam packed with inspiration and resources and it happens to be the month that the United States welcomes the season of Spring. Now that's something to smile about.

Bradi and Terry

Mothers, Wives and Workers
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