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Well, guess what, I woke up early as in 3:35 am sobrang aga! I don't know what woke me up...I was thinking it was because I forgot to drink milk that I prepared which was at my side table. Then I got Wentworth from his yaya and placed him beside me to hug,kiss, and smell him. Still, after an hour I am still awake so I thought of blogging and then out of nowhere, I came to realized that this is my last year of being in the 20's and next year I'm turning 30! I can't explain how I feel being 30, not that it means bad because it's not ,rather maybe there's a tinge of fear in me kase nung bata ako, whenever I see women in their 30's parang they are so mature..they know a lot na..all that stuff..but I know that it's not like that because as I always say learning is a process and that applies to all aspects in life. Lahat napapag aralan, natutunan, if you stumble, you must stand up. If you're down, there's no way but to go up. If you commit mistakes, it's not all mistakes,it's about the lessons learned. So di ba why should I be afraid? After all, God is with me in every step of the way. That being said, I am making the most out of being a 29 year old..
1. 29 means making the most out of my so-called younger years.
2. 29 means looking and moving forward with faith, patience and perseverance and not to be forgetten having fun too!
3. 29 means not letting go of the child and teenager in me- the cutesy little things...cute journals, colored pens, nice notebooks, ribbons,ipod, etc..
4. 29 means being a work in progress mom...
5.29 means loving Weegee more everyday.
6.29 means sending words of wisdom and encouragement to my wonderful dad.
7.29 means relentlessly preparing yummy meals for my family and learning
more in the Culinary world ...
8.29 means helping out people in my own little and special way.
9.29 means learning the art of forgiving.
10.29 means having fun in the blogging world..
11.29 means climbing the career ladder, from being a team leader, to shift
manager to operations manager
12.29 means taking more of my skin..Moisturize a lot. I cleanse. I tone. I
13.29 means putting sunblock in my face before I leave the house.
14.29 means trying out different restos, cafes,spa.
15.29 means collecting more RL bags.
16.29 means reading more books.
17. 29 means putting a smile to people I love, I meet, and I look up to.
18. 29 means saving money!
19. 29 means learning a new recipe each week.
20. 29 means enjoying the company of my friends.
21. 29 means enjoying my cup of coffee, tea and my non-fat milk.
22. 22 means walking a lot to burn calories
23. 29 means having my pictures developed.
24. 29 means buying more things for our house.
25. 29 means learning more in MS Excel and Access.
26. 29 means trying playing Xbox and Wii.
27. 29 means smiling more.
28. 29 means learning more to be a smart shopper.
29. 29 means having a good life, making the most in every situation, moving on when I'm down, soaring high for my dreams, and praying more.

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