Baby Showers: The Next Big Thing

Like so many modern celebrations, Baby Showers have arrived in the UK from North America. It’s a real tradition over there and, like High School Proms, Halloween and Black Friday, one of those exciting social events that is catching on big time over here.

The idea is simple but universally appealing. Throw a party for the pregnant mother and her…

Monetizing Your Mom Blog is Easier Than Ever With

As a new generation of influencers crop up on the net and veteran bloggers continue to idealize the way for interacting with brands and getting paid, companies the world over are vying for the attention of both. Some are wooing bloggers with the prospect of lucrative affiliate deals while others pile influencers with products for reviews, added with a monetary benefit. Some companies are flying…

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Mom Bloggers are everywhere; the phenomena being the new online trend where many stay at home/work at home moms are turning their experiences as a parent into profits, however unfortunately for most, profits are little as they lack the basic understanding of key SEO tips that will bring their blog traffic. Ask mom bloggersanywhere what the biggest question they have about turning their blogs into profit and the majority of them will say building a loyal following. All blogs need SEO. It’s one of those necessary evils (or goods depending on how you look at it) and the missing piece to why only a very small percentage of mom bloggers gain notoriety.

So What Is SEO?

SEO, short for search engine optimization or search engine optimizer. SEO is the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP). The higher a website ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user, (source).

Many mom bloggers when first starting hop online and just start blogging… about anything. And then they post their affiliate links everywhere without any real direction. After months of blogging many end up quitting because they believe system failed them – no one read the articles, and no one clicked on their links. The thing that a lot of mom bloggers fail to realize is it’s wasn’t the system, or that their content wasn’t good or that they didn’t promote the right stuff, but that nobody saw their blog… ever. To prevent this from ever happening to you (or ever happening again) here are some basic SEO tips that will help get your content ranked in no time.

3 Basic SEO Tips for Mom Bloggers 3 Basic SEO Tips for Mom Bloggers

SEO Tip: #1 – Keywords : The keyword or phrase of your target website is the main focus of SEO. This is the term that you want to be on the number one ranking whenever someone searches for it. This is the core of your whole SEO operation. Keywords/key phrases are what people enter into the Google search bar when seeking information. The goal for you as a blogger is to find those keywords your target audience is searching for and write content around them to increase your chance of being found. Google Keyword Tool is a great way to find keywords. See a short video on how to use this tool here.

SEO Tip #2 – Article Submission: The basic concept of Article Submission is that you give the Article Site content and they allow you to place a link in your article in return. Once it is approved and posted in their site, you get the link. It’s as simple as that. The are multiple article submission sites. Some of the more popular ones are Ezine, Squidoo, as well as a tons of others. The biggest thing to remember with your articles is to keep it simple, keep it direct and informative.

SEO Tip #3 – Forum Posting: Forum Posting is an old school method of building back-links. The great thing about this method is that it’s fun, easy, and a great way to meet other mom bloggers and really show people who you are. A key to remember; when it comes to Forum Posting however, the trick is moderation and substance. Find a forum that is at least remotely related to your website. Many forums have different rules for one another in terms of rules for the sign up process and rules for posting. Be sure to adhere to the regulations and above all do not spam your links everywhere. Doing so could get you banned and ultimately harm your reputation.

By following these simple SEO Tips will begin to see an increase in the number of visitors on their site. It’s not rocket science. It’s actually a very simple process. A few tweaks to your content strategy and you’ll be ranking with top mom bloggers in no time.

Wishing you growth and prosperity,

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