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3 Essential Dental Tools That You Must Own

Maintaining a good oral hygiene is very essential to have a beautiful white smile. A good oral habit includes two times brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist on a regular basis. There are various kinds of oral tools available in the market, but there are mainly three tools that you will require on a daily basis- electric toothbrush, traditional brush and floss.

But, often people tend to confuse between which brush to select: traditional or electrical? Or whether they should own a floss or not. Well, to ease this we are here with the things that you must know about the three dental tools so that it becomes easy for you to select the right one.

1. Manual Toothbrush

The common toothbrush that we use everyday are a must to own. You cannot depend on electric toothbrushes always. Here are the things that your traditional toothbrush can do-

  • You will have control over your toothbrush and rotate it in any angle inside your mouth

  • It’s your decision how long you want to brush, how hard to brush

  • It ensures comfortable cleaning for sensitive areas

  • Good option for people who find the vibration of electrical brushes aggravating

  • Manual brushes are cost effective

  • Travel friendly as it occupies less space and do not need charging

Though we all own manual brushes and these are the most convenient option, yet one of the biggest cons is that it does not clean the mouth completely. Certain areas of the teeth, where reaching is difficult for the bristles often witnesses bacterial outgrowth.

2. Electrical Toothbrush



Electrical toothbrushes are considered to do the cleaning job well than the traditional ones. Here let’s take a dig into its pros.


  • Easy and fun to use encouraging children to brush twice a day

  • A time saving option as it can clean thoroughly in a short while as compared to the traditional ones

  • Electric toothbrushes are great for those who finds gripping an issue. With these toothbrushes the rotating action for cleaning will be easier to handle

3. Floss

Another important dental hygiene tool that you must own is the floss. Even after brushing certain food particles remain stuck between teeth and a floss helps get rid of those. If you avoid flossing, these particles will harden to form tartar which needs professional dentist to remove. Here’s what flossing can do for you.


  • Flexible and can curve around the teeth in a C-shape to effectively remove plaque and food particles

  • Known to effectively scrape stubborn residue from between two teeth

  • Cost effective

  • Comes in both waxed and unwaxed options with flavours. This means you have exciting flavours to choose from and not get bored while flossing

These are the most essential tools that you must own for an effective cleaning. But, remember one thing that is to visit the dentist regularly to maintain a safe and good oral health. Your dentist will be able to diagnose any underlying infection, if any in the first stage itself. Always remember the simple formulae ‘Prevention is better than Cure’.

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