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3 Must-Have Accessories For The Perfect Gender Reveal Party

Having your first baby can be such a wonderful and humbling experience.  But you’ll quickly find it’s something that the whole family wants to share in.  It’s not just your baby, but a new member of the family!  If you’ve discovered the gender of the child and want to give your family and friends the thrill of their lives then think about having a gender reveal party.  Invite your friends and family to partake in the experience.  As you start the planning stages, remember these three must-have accessories for the party.

  1. Bring gift wrap so you can “unwrap” the surprise and make it extra special.

Unwrap the gender by taking the results of the sonogram and wrapping it up in baby clothes and gift wrap.  But here’s the twist: you don’t get to know either.  Buy a pair of baby clothes for boy and girl, and then have the department store employee see the results of the sonogram and then wrap the right gender without your knowing.  Now, you can bring the box to your party and see the result LIVE with all your loved ones.  Genuine reaction face, right?

1. Bring confetti for that explosive revealing moment.

Not just confetti you throw but an actual cannon of color!  You can make the revealing moment all the more exciting by setting off a confetti cannon.  You have the option of shooting the cannon when you announce the results, or even better, you can reveal the sex by shooting either a blue or pink burst of confetti, representing boys and girls respectively.

A spokesperson for Wedding Sparklers Outlet, a website offering confetti cannons, states that their sets come with four canisters, two in pink and two in blue, which saves expense and time for the customer.  

“They are also generically marked, so you won’t accidentally spoil the surprise.  You really are surprised when you see the burst of colors shooting forth.”

2. Themes for the Party

If this is a gender reveal party then try to create the entire theme around this thought.  For example, boys vs. girls, mustaches versus lipstick, skirts or pants.  Decorate one side of the room for boys and the other side for girls.  You could even have all the guys dress in traditional “blue boys” garb and the girls dress in pink.  Better yet, have your guests fill in a ballot to guess the gender or to guess the name of the baby.  The one closest to the right answer wins a prize!  Making the party as fun for the guests as you and the hubby is sure to delight the audience.  

It’s a lot of fun to host an old fashioned gender reveal party and getting into the spirit, with these little party accessories, will be easy.

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