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3 Things to Fix Around The House Before They Get Worse

A family home is a massive and complex machine. From stubborn windows, to uncleanable ovens, to attics that refuse to clear themselves out, it’s a miracle that your house remains operational. But without a little attention here and there, things can get out of hand – and ultimately more expensive to deal with.

A sagging gate that won’t close

Gravity takes its toll on garden gates over the years, and eventually the business-end is likely to sink out of position so that it no longer fits the doorway or reaches the latch. An inexperienced homeowner might replace the whole gate, or put the job off, assuming that the damage is already done.

In fact, you can give that tired portal a new lease of life by fitting a bracket near the top hinge and opposite bottom corner, taking the strain off the materials and putting that swing back in your gate.

Source: HomeAdvisor

Mug or cup rings on tables

How many times have you told the kids (and the husband) to use a coaster with their drink? The wet bottoms of these cups, or the moisture that condensates underneath from a hot drink, sinks into the wood and leaves a nasty circle. Maybe you let these accumulate for years, cursing each time another permanent tattoo was added to your once-favourite coffee table.

In fact, the damage need only be temporary. Rub Vaseline over the mark in the evening, leave it overnight, and in the morning you should be able to rub away the Vaseline and the stain like magic. If you’re in a fix and don’t have any Vaseline around, it’s also supposed to work with other oily substances such as mayonnaise!

Source: HomeAdvisor

Scratched wooden flooring or furniture

And if you have cup-marked tables, you probably have a few scratches to deal with too. Whether it’s your wooden table or your floor that’s scarred, a bit of TLC can soon sort them out.

Use steel wool for light scratches and sandpaper for deeper ones, and rub gently in the same direction as the wood grain. Next, rub mineral spirits into the sanded area with a clean rag, and leave to dry. The scratches can then be filled with wood filler (use a putty knife – make sure it’s a plastic one!) and finally you can sand it again and seal the area with varnish.

Source: HomeAdvisor

Now you know how to fix these little accidents at home. Pass the tips along to your friends and family; everyone who owns their family home will need to deal with this stuff from time to time!

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