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What To Post About On Your Mom Blog About Your Family’s RV Trip

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The Importance of Dinner Together

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4 Essay Writing Tips for Your Kid to Ace Next Exam

You want to see your kid overwhelmed? Just mention the word essay and watch the reaction. Most students are challenged by academic writing more than words can describe. As any other parent, you try to make things easier for them. You search for various tips on mom blogs, and you try to explain how important writing is.

To make things more difficult, you have expectations, too. You want your kid to be smart, motivated, and capable… for their own sake. When you see them struggling with essay exams, you’re… what’s that word? Disappointed.

First of all, you need to change your approach. No expectations and no disappointment! Such attitude puts pressure on your kid. It’s no way for them to start liking essays.

We’ll give you 4 essay writing tips that will lead your kid to a great grade on the upcoming essay exam.

  1. Always Start on Time!

This is the first lesson to teach as a parent: start doing important things on time. Get them used to Google Calendar. It’s a great tool for tracking assignments and allocating time across all responsibilities.

Whenever your kid gets the exam dates, they should mark them in the calendar. Help them understand time management! This is how it’s done:

  • How much time do you have until that date?

  • Do you have any important assignments to complete or other exams to take before that deadline?

  • You see the free time you have in your calendar until then. How will you use it to practice academic writing?

  1. Do the Research

The problem with academic writing is that teachers give broad instructions, but don’t teach the details. If your kid needs help with these projects, then do what every other parent should do: support them! Be the teacher they lack when they are away from school.

Conduct general research on the topic. Can you find any really interesting information related to it? If you see your kid challenged or inspired by something they hear, it can be the topic of the essay.

For example, if the teacher told them to write an essay on World War I, they should narrow it down. Is there a particularly interesting battle? Maybe your kid’s curiosity will be triggered but he role of a certain country in the war. The style of the uniforms, perhaps? There are tons of details you could focus on. Fortunately, there’s enough information online for any topic your kid chooses to stick with.

  1. Don’t Skip the Brainstorming!

Do you know what the hardest part of academic writing is? Coming up with unique ideas. Uniqueness is a really important aspect of every essay. Teachers expect to see the same structure in every essay (introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion). That structure should hold the original ideas and arguments of your kid.

Brainstorming is an important aspect of writing, mainly because it leads to unique content.

  • Give your kid a blank piece of paper.

  • Think of a general topic.

  • Help them conduct the preliminary research.

  • Now, tell them to brainstorm! They should write down any idea that comes to their mind. No judging! Every single idea is a good idea when you approach it the right way.

  • When they have few good ideas to choose from, tell them to stick with the best one. From that point on, it will be much easier for them to write the essay.

There’s enough time for brainstorming during exams. Think of it this way: this stage takes only 5 minutes but makes the student faster in writing in return. It actually saves them time. g

  1. Mind the Structure

When your kid masters the structure of an essay, it will be easy for them to fit their ideas into it.

  • Introduction with a thesis statement

  • Three body paragraphs; each of them has the main argument that supports the thesis statement

  • Conclusion that sums everything up

That’s how easy it is. Well, it’s not as easy as it seems. Your kid won’t just read these instructions and go get an A on an essay exam. It takes a lot of practice. If you don’t know how to guide them through that practice, you can get online help from professional writers. I prefer XpertWriters, they help me for a long time.

We all want our children to get great results at school. We should never expect too much of them, but we should keep providing proper support. If we want them to get better results on exams, we should motivate them to do that. Don’t push. Motivate!

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