4 Healthy Snacks For Your Kids After School

One in three kids in the U.S. is overweight. This is an alarming number of children who are at heightened risk of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and upper respiratory conditions. Kids are oftentimes hungry after a hard day of Math and Science and head to the kitchen to grab a snack to fill their stomach grumbles until dinner. Rather than offer the kids a plethora of potato chips, snack cakes, and other junk foods to suffice this need, add the four healthy snack options below to the kitchen pantry and the available snack choices.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter was an instant hit the moment it was introduced at the state fair in 1904. Today, kids and adults alike enjoy eating peanut butter. PB makes an excellent companion for jelly and bread, and the PB&J sandwich has become somewhat of a staple childhood food. Of course, that isn't the only food that pairs well with peanut butter. Many kids enjoy the taste when paired with a banana, while many people love using it as a dip for celebrity and other crunchy vegetables. High in fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and protein, peanut butter is affordable and one of the very best snacks for kids (and adults) of all ages.


Cheese is a great snack for home and on-the-go. Parents can easily cut cheese into fun shapes for small children to add to its appeal. Several varieties of cheese are available, giving the snack versatility. And, it’s available in many styles, including string cheese and cubed versions. Stray away from American cheese and always look for unprocessed varieties that do not contain added ingredients. Cheese is high in protein, calcium for strong bones and muscles, and many other vitamins and nutrients the body needs to maintain good health.


Hummus is a wonderful dip that parents can feel good about serving to their kids. Serve alongside cut-up vegetables, sweet potato chips, or even crackers, and kids can enjoy a nutty tasting, sweet treat that is filled with iron, folate, and vitamin B. Hummus is easy-to-serve and isn’t messy. Plus, kids will enjoy the taste so much, they’ll never realize they are eating healthy. Hummus is filling and satisfying, making it a top candidate as the best all-around snack for children of all ages.

Sweet Potatoes

If you think that a sweet potato isn't a good snack, think again! This versatile potato is the healthiest vegetable that you can eat. It has a natural sweet flavor that kids love and it's amazing versatility allow preparation in many ways. No matter your children’s ages, they’ll enjoy snacking on sweet potato chips, drinking a smoothie, or indulging in the potatoes in any fashion they're prepared. And, you can feel good about serving them this snack. Sweet potatoes are high in folate, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6, too!

Snack Healthy

You are what you eat and when these snacks are in the kitchen for your children to grab, you can feel confident that they’re doing great from the inside out. Healthy snacks prevent children from overeating, reduce those unwanted sugar rushes, prevent oral health and obesity problems, and start your child on a path to great eating. Plan to shop at Thrive Market from this day forward. You’ll find all of the best organic, nutritious snacks that kids love at the e-commerce shop, and since you can fill your grocery cart from home, it has never been easier to stock the kitchen. Isn't it time you served your kids the snacks they deserve to eat?

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