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4 Unique Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

There is having a birthday party, and then there is having a birthday party. In other words, there is a different between the stereotypical huddle at a home with a cake, and one that is different than other birthday parties, especially for children. The question is, for parents, how can they make it unique enough for their kids to love it? There are different ideas people have in coming with an incredibly fun birthday party for kids.


  1. Themed Parties At Home


Get something that reflects a child’s personality and showcase it to every little detail. The love of airplanes, cars, animals, a movie, cartoon, or sports can be the basis of a party. The kind of themes available is one long list. One of the most interesting themed birthday parties I ever heard is one based of Katherine Hepburn movies. Bringing Up Baby, The Philadelphia Story, Little Women, Woman of the Year, Summertime – a young girl who idolizes an actress like this means kids can idolize other actors or singers as the theme of their birthday. (For the young people, Katherine Hepburn was a really famous actress in the 20th century and may have been the greatest American actress ever.)


  1. A Day At The Amusement Park


Instead of having a big together at home, consider taking kids to an amusement park nearby, whether it isat Six Flags or at an aquarium. Everyone is outside, fun is all around them, and there are a lot of things to do at these parks. There are plenty of rides and carnival activities – and some of these places have deals for birthdays. Passes to cut to the front of the line, coupons for souvenirs, and other free stuff (food!) can be part of the massive birthday bash.


  1. Candy Crawl


This is basically equivalent to the pub-crawl for adults, where they go pub to pub for a drink. Here, the children go candy store to candy store and ice cream parlors, just like trick-or-treating house to house. Just make sure they don’t eat to much sugar during the store hopping.


  1. Renting A Movie Theater


Some theatres, depending on the theater, will have some restaurant and maybe a game room, which allows a package of food, games, and movies in one sitting. There may be some separate party rooms, but there will be definitely a private auditorium for rental. Have a certain amount of people to rent movie theater to watch whatever movie desired. It’s the same way those summer camps and church groups go to the movies together in one auditorium.


So, come up with a creative birthday party for all children and adults to enjoy. There are plenty of ways to get celebratory with kids and what they like. It is their day and they should enjoy it to the fullest. 

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