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Ever feel like this?

This is exactly how I feel right now (except this girl is smiling...I'm not smiling)

Why?  You may ask.

Well, because I am soooooo, sooooooooo disorganized right now.

Anyone who has known me for more than 10 minutes knows that I thrive on routine and organization.  And when I'm not organized I forget stuff...

...like brushing my teeth - or brushing my kids' teeth.

I do stuff like I did the other day, when I made a random shopping list of random things that I may or may not need, and then I took off to the store without it after which I wandered around aimlessly buying stuff hoping they were on the list.

I hate it when I do that kind of stuff.

But I have found that reverting back to my former organized system wont work here.

I can't do once-a-month shopping anymore because I don't have a pantry to put all that stuff
I can't always do my laundry all in one day.  I try to line-dry outside whenever I can to save on electricity

The house is small and I can't do stuff like vacuum when the kids are sleeping

Andrej is an early waker (he must have gotten that from Grandpa, because he sure as anything didn't get that from either of us!)

So this is where I improvise.

Here are a few things I've come up with to help myself get back on track:

1. Making weekly menus on Saturday so I can go shopping Monday morning (or Sunday morning if Z is starting 1st shift Monday)

This is actually better for us than monthly menus, because I can make them based on Z's work schedule.  I'll file them away so I can reuse them if I get into a time crunch.

I am including a "new recipe" day.  This is something my mom and I used to do when I was still in the States - it was so fun!

2. Make weekly shopping trips

I have a printable shopping list that already has things on it that I always get.  All I have to do is look at my menu and fill in the stuff that we need for that week.

3. Make a new chore-chart

My new chore chart is based on my old one, but it fits our new lifestyle much better.  And there is nothing like crossing stuff off my list to help me get my rear into gear!

4. Move my wake-time up

I have found that this is essential for me.  No, getting up at 5:00 -5:30 am is no picnic, but I find I do much better when I get a couple of hours in the morning to  myself.  

Do you have a favorite organizational system?  Please share below or link up here.

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