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40 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Whole Family


Last but most certainly not least is our final Gift Guide for the season: The Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide. For many, stockings are the best part of Christmas. Don’t you love finding those little gems for each member of your family, especially those that do not cost a fortune?

Here are some great finds to fill everyone’s stockings:



  Hopscotch Necklace – Do not let the price fool you. This chunky geometric wooden bead necklace would be a stylish complement to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Buy from Fleet Collection. $16.00
  Password Book – If she is anything like me, I can never remember my passwords. This handy little book can be kept in a locked desk drawer for safe keeping. The good thing is that she will never forget her passwords again. Buy directly from BobsYourUncle. $14.00
  Belt Buckles – These beautiful wearable art belt buckles will add a bit of style to any attire. Loved them so much I bought one myself! Buy from Etsy artist here. $20.00
Chop Round Knife – Love this aesthetically pleasing usable knife with its simple design. Great for chopping just about anything. Buy from APlusrStore. $48.00
  Garden Sprinkles – A tin of seeds that can be sprinkled in the garden after the last frost in Spring. Choose from a large selection at Potting Shed Creations. $3.25
  Bamboo Rings Mesa Eco Resin Cuff – Love the look of these recycled resin and sustainable bamboo cuffs. Great accent piece. Buy from deconstruct jewelry. $30.00
  Leather Cozy – This reusable coffee cup sleeve is the eco-friendly alternative to the coffee shop version. And no need to worry that she will leave it at home because it can also be worn as a stylish bracelet. LOVE! Buy from Megan Auman. $32.00
SLIM Sonic Toothbrush – These electric, portable toothbrushes are as small as a tube of mascara. Now have a fresh smile wherever you go. Comes with an extra head. Buy from Violight. $14.95
  Winterberry Socks – Stylish, fun and cozy, these MISmatched socks will surely become her favorite. See their entire lines from Soulmate Socks. $20.00
  Elf Book Markers – Whimsical book marks perfect for the season. They are handmade by this Etsy artist.  Set of two for $50.00


BRIX Chocolate for Wine Lovers – Especially blended chocolate that will bring out the best in wine. Comes with a booklet, pairing suggestions and tasting notes. Buy from The Wine Enthusiast.
  Infinity Strap – Get him on the right track to work out with this yoga prop. Designed to add support when doing an asana practice. Add some yoga classes and it would be a great gift for anyone on your list. Buy directly from InfinityStrap. $11.00
  Bacon Hot Sauce – A delicious combination of two complementary flavors – bacon and hot sauce. Buy directly from Bacon Hot Sauce. $5.99
  Bike Chain Luggage Tag – Handmade from recycled bike chains these durable luggage tags will proabably have him wish that he was cruising a trail rather than traveling by air. Oh well. Buy from UncommonGoods. $9.00
  Organic Men’s Beer Soap and Muscle Balm – A great gift for your man’s man that does not like to admit he moisturizes. This all natural products brings out the male scent while taming his dry skin. View all of EthicallyEngineered vegan, organic and no-impact product at the Etsy shop here. $15.00
  City Baseball – Choose from either Los Angeles or NYC these handmade baseballs highlight the cities most popular sites, including Dodger Stadium and Yankee Stadium – of course! Buy from Tweak99. $24.99
  Pocket Smart Electronic Measuring Tape – Measure up to 50 feet by pulling the string and reading the screen. Digital reader can easily switch from inches to metric. No bulk and fits easily into a pocket. Buy from Amazon. $18.00
Bedphones – Need music or an inspirational podcast to fall asleep? These headphones are designed to fall asleep with. The foam-covered speakers lie flat and comfortably against the ears. Buy Directly from BedPhones. $19.95
  Disposable Flask – No need to worry about security taking your expensive flask. These disposable flasks are the perfect answer. Sold by Restoration Hardware. $10.49
  Whiskey Stones – No man likes his whiskey watered down. These stones, when taken out of the freezer, will keep his drink cold while he enjoys sipping the deep amber liquid. Buy from UncommonGoods. $19.50


  My Sweetie Ice Cream Sundae Bath Fizzers – Comes in a reusable sundae dish these generous three ‘scoops’ of ice cream bath fizzers come in a variety of your favorite flavors. All are made with natural ingredients that will leave your skin soft and refreshed. Buy from My Sweetie. $10.95
  Outlet Stickers – Cute stickers to dress up their boring outlets. Once more way to add a touch of individuality to their room. Buy from Perpetual Kid. $3.49
  TakeBreak Wall Stickers – Is your college student living in a dorm or renting a room that may have seen better days. Add a touch of whimsical from an unsightly crack in the wall. Buy from Molla Space. $6.00
MallyBibs Change Purse – These purses hold all your loose change and can clip to the inside of your purse or attach to the coordinating card holder. Buy both from MallyBibs. Each is $12.95.
  Waddledoo – These knit koozies will keep you water bottle insulated in vintage-y hipster style. All are hand knitted by young hip designers and entrepreneurs. Buy from FreakerUSA. $8.00
ForkChops – The all in one ultimate utensil. One end is a fork or knife and the other end are chopsticks. No doubt that your college student will head back to school and be the envy by their roommates. Buy from ThinkGeek. $5.99
Luster White 7 Toothpaste – Considered to be the leader in toothpaste that promotes whiter teeth. In fact twice the white than the leading brands. Designed by research scientist, medical doctors and dentist. Buy through Amazon. $6.00.
Vinyl Record Keychains – Made from old vinyl records this would be great little stuffer idea for a budding musician. Buy from BigCartel. $10.50
  Money Clip – The spiral is a symbol of one’s inner journey to one’s self. It has also been described as being the shape of fluid energy in which order is evolved from chaos. What a perfect message for any teenager. Buy from this Etsy artist. $15.00
  E.L.F. Makeup and Accessories – The entire line of E.L.F. make-up and accessories are great way to fill up ones stocking. Not just for teenagers but also for moms these $1.00 – $3.00 items are perfect. To check out their entire line go to E.L.F.


  Spot It – Card game for the whole family. Each card has eight symbols on it and there is only one symbol that will match another card. With a sharp eye and quick hand you can win. Fun, fast pace and each to hold cards for little hands. Buy from Marbles. $12.99
  Feather Hair Extensions – We thought this craze was over but, no way, it is still strong. Now you can do it yourself. Buy directly from Mia’s Hair Accessories. $10.00
  Pasta Fork – My girls love pasta. Here is the perfect pasta fork for them to easily twirl the pasta around the fork. Simply slide your hand down the scrolled handle and the fork automatically spins while turning the pasta onto the fork. Less mess and so much more fun. Buy directly from The Original Pasta Fork. Two for $14.95
  Nanibird – These Glueless NaniBirds are easy and fun to make. Just pop them out, fold them and stick them together. Choose from four different designs. Buy directly from NaniBird. $2.00
  Change Purse – Cute mini zippered cases that will keep all their loose change in. Buy from CBHStudios. $6.99
  Fly-Copter – Add LED lights to a toy and instantly you have some serious night time fun. The Fly-Copter reaches 100 feet in the air and will float down gradually. Great fun for these long nights. Buy directly from Fly-Copter. $10.00 for 3.
  Head Chef Baking Tools – Great for the young (or old) chef. Playful baking tools shows them that Yes! It is okay to play with your food! Buy from BetterTaste. $9.95
  Toothpaste Pete – These toothpaste heads replace the cap on the toothpaste, making brushing your teeth the much more fun. Buy from BlackLabProducts. $4.99
  Bling Eraser – Start them off young (we don’t really mean that!) with this practical bling ring that makes for fun erasing. Buy from MollaSpace. $5.00
  Personalized Chalkboard Placemat – Keep them entertained while getting dinner ready. This washable placemat comes with colored chalk and sponge eraser. Add their name for a personal touch. Perfect for dinners out. Buy from Layla Grace. $14.00

Still need inspiration? Check out last years Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide. We hope you found all of our Gift Guides helpful in search of the perfect gift for the ones you love.

From our house to yours – Merry Christmas!

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