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Phew… I officially made it through 5 days by myself with 2 toddlers and to be honest, it was a great 5 days!  Better than the last time but the going can make me tired.  The non stop, no help, in charge of all of daddy’s ‘duties’ plus my own… its tiring.  Bath-time is when the exhaustion really kicks in.  Hubby is always part of bath and bed and I found myself really pushing to make it through!  The boys have been playing so nice together (they must have known I needed that) and we kept very busy to pass time.  Our memories are sweet ones… of just the 3 of us.  Well, 4.  Did I tell you that our little peanut is kicking and moving around now?  Nothing makes pregnancy more real than the feeling of movement inside.  I mean, unbuttoning the 2nd button on my jeans was real… and peeing at 4am is real too, but seriously; movement is awesome!  I’m also starting to think I need to come up with another name for peanut.  6 inches from head to toe is quite larger than a peanut, last time I checked.  The books compare our baby to a Mango- I need a better nickname than ‘peanut’.  Anyway, while the boys and I held down the fort here at 1046, hubby was away on a business/pleasure trip to Moab, Utah for some serious mountain biking!  He had a nice trip and we both did a good job of sending each other a fair amount of pictures throughout our days!

Its funny when he goes away how I find myself doing things differently with the kids.  I’m not sure why but maybe its because I want the kids to remember these special alone times with mommy.  I find myself taking them on more adventures at times of the day when we usually stay home.  I like to buy them something *fun* and different (this time I found green foam bubbles) and set up shop in our master bathroom.  I give them bubble baths in the ‘big’ bathtub that last forever.  We always have a ‘date night’ while daddy is away and eat breakfast for dinner other times too.  I let them bring lots of toys to the kitchen table (yes, I’m that mom who doesn’t allow toys at the dinner table).  We watch movies and munch on warm cookies and stay up past our bedtime.  We keep our pj’s on for a long time during the mornings we’re home and I let them make bigger messes throughout the house.  Its just different when dad is away.

During those 5 days, something really BIG happened too.

My 2 little boys fell in love; yes love.  She is a long, blond haired beauty with big round eyes and a slender figure.  She has a beautiful singing voice and a fun personality.  Her name?  Rapunzel.  How do I know its love?  Because the boys can’t answer a question, carry on a conversation or even take a bite of a warm chocolate chip cookie when she’s on screen.  We watched Rapunzel (well, ‘Tangled‘) 3 nights in a row and I’ve never seen my little boys sit still for so long nor have a seen this *twinkle in their eye!  Only Roman got side-tracked once by a couple of diggers.  Rocco never moved an inch.  If you have boys, I’m sure they will like this movie as much as mine!  Here’s me thinking its a princess movie for little girls but not so!  Its full of many things that little boys love, like: adventures, animals, fighting & chasing, hooks, swords, country men, axes, ships, thrill… watch it!

I hope one day when I’m ‘old’ and we’re all visiting with the family, one of the boys will say, “Remember when dad used to go away on business trips and mom did this with us and did that with us?”  – I think that’s why I do things differently when daddy is away.

We had a great 5 days together; me and my boys!

(Taken with my iPhone, because getting the ‘good’ camera was just one more thing for me to do.)

Though its been a fun and memorable 5 days, life just isn’t the same without daddy around & we’re so happy to be back together again!


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