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This week, it was all about "HAIR BOWS". And we both had a lot of fun doing it. We got lots of nice compliments too.

We started doing the Hair Bow Braid hairstyle last Tuesday and since we got some nice compliments from that hairstyle, we decided to do the "5-Days of Hair Bows".


Last Tuesday i did this hairstyle to my daughter after I saw these neat trick Girly Do Hairstyles shared on how to achieve the bows much easier. You can check that video by clicking this LINK. Here are some more of the pics up close:


After getting nice compliments from Day 1's hairstyle, we did another hair bow hairstyle. This one is much easier to do. All you have to do is make a very low pig tails. Grab a small section from the top of the pigtail, and create your bow using an elastic band. You can check out Cute Girls Hairstyles for the video on making this bow. Their version is doing this bow in a low side ponytail. Here are some more pics of this hairstyle up close:


This hairstyle clearly speaks for itself! It does look like a "dragonfly"!! I created this one by accident. We ran out of time last Thursday on finishing a 2 sided Hair Bow Braids. I only finished one side with only 2 bows. Then i just gathered all the remaining hair into a side ponytail. As we were taking the pictures, we instantly thought that it looked like a dragonfly!! Here are some more of the pics:


Inspired from the "Lady Gaga" hair bow. I started this hairstyle by making an upside down dutch braid. I braided my daughter's hair while sitting with her head faced down. I braided it only halfway through. Then tied the rest of the hair into a high ponytail. From there you can create the "Lady Gaga hair bow". More pics here:


This one is so pretty and very girly. It is like a pretty ribbon/bow on top of a cute gift. Just section your hair from ear to ear and tie them into a half pony tail. From there you can now make your ribbon bow. Or you can check out BEBEXO's Video Tutorial on this ribbon bow. By the way i didn't used any hair spray on my daughter's hair. It's all bobby pins and i did this while her hair is a bit damp. Plus, the tails of this ribbon bow i just curled using my forefingers. 

And that's it!! Our "5-DAYS OF HAIR BOWS" hair challenge! Wow! I feel so good after accomplishing this challenge i did for myself. I hope you guys like what i did here. You can check these pics also on our following accounts (and please, do follow & like us there too):
Instagram - @SamsPrettyHair;
Twitter - @SamsPrettyHair;
Pinterest - **Sam's Pretty Hairstyles**
Muzy - Sam's Pretty Hairstyles Muzy

Remember guys, "If I can do these hairstyles, so can you!"
Just put your heart, passion & interest on it and in a few tries you will be able to do them, too. And this is one good way to bond with your pretty daughter/s too!

Happy Hair Styling everyone!

Lots of Love,

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