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5 Excellent Gifts Ideas for the New Parents

When a couple is blessed with a baby boy or girl, friends and family members put efforts to make the moments filled with more happiness for them through various gifts. Now, choosing gifts for new parents could be confusing for many of us. Basically, for many of us it would be a first time to gift something to a new parent. Hence, we do not really know what gifts can exactly make them feel happy. Gifts should have some utilities otherwise they would get a place at the shady corner of the house, ignored by the house owners. Here are some classy and interesting ideas for gifts to new parents.

1. Sippy Cups, Feeding Bottles and More

Sippy cups are feeding bottles are common gifts for the new parents, but they are considered as utility gifts. Parents would be really happy to have such gifts. Instead of purchasing conventional feeding bottles or Sippy Cups, you can find something and more comfortable to be used. Additionally, you can provide other items, like water bottles for babies, food sto9ring boxes and many more.

2. Gift Cards

If you cannot find anything interesting enough to be gifted to a new parent, you can simply purchase gift cards along with some flowers or chocolates for them. A greeting card is the best way of conveying your happiness for someone’s success. They are simple gifts, but highly appreciated by the new parents.

3. Baby Creams, Oils and Diapers

When it comes to gifts for new parents, you can consider purchasing a set of baby cream or oil. Parents would be happy to have such gifts. However, you need to find the best quality products in this regard for safety of baby. Make sure that you should purchase branded items and baby friendly products that have been tested as well as certified by certain agencies under federal government.

4. Baby Tub

A beautiful and cute bathing tub for babies would be perfect gift. Bathing tub is a utility gift, and new parents would really appreciate such gifts. Bathing tubs for babies are available in various sizes.

5. Bedding and Blankets

If you are seeking interesting and utility gifts for new parents, bedding items as well as blankets would be perfect gifts in that case. Bedding includes baby mattress, head pillow, side pillows, etc. Towels and a nicely crafted as well as comfortable blanket would also be perfect addition.

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