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1.   EAT!

Eating is one thing that I forget to do a lot. As moms we worry about feeding our kids and tending to them, that even remembering to eat ourselves can be a challenge. Our meals usually consist of scraps of food here or there, coffee, and basically anything that can fit in the palm or our hands. But we must remember to eat! When we don’t eat, tackling the simplest tasks can feel like a journey. Our blood sugar drops and we become sluggish, irritated, can’t concentrate, headaches, etc. For me my 3 year old makes me all of these things and I don’t need something else escalating it. Set an alarm on your phone if you have to. Grabbing a protein bar is better than nothing.

2.   Get Some Me Time

Everyone needs time for themselves. I learned this the hard way. I thought that all my time and energy needed to go into being the “perfect” mom and “perfect” wife from the moment I got out of bed till the time I climbed back in. I did this until I had a break down. While my husband held me as I cried he said “why don’t you get away for a night relax and do what every you want and we will see you tomorrow.” So I went to my sister-in-laws house and stayed in her spare bedroom all night. I listened to music, read, and SLEPT! When I came back home my husband said that it is important for me to get some “me time” and he asked what I would like to do. I couldn’t answer him. What I would liked to do? Hobbies? All I knew was to be a mom and a wife. At first when I was having me time it felt weird, like something was missing. But now I look forward to it without any guilt because I know that getting this me time is saving my sanity. For me my me time consist of me going to the gym a few times a week. We are members of LA Fitness and they have a daycare program. The price of the daycare is AMAZING. It cost $10 per kid, per month, for up to 4 hours a day. Two in the morning and two at night. So some mornings I go to hop on a treadmill, watch netflix and shower/get ready for the day there. Because we all know how nice it is to take a shower without a toddler coming in 10 times. I also have found that I really like to read. I will read a little bit before going to bed. Even if it is only 5 pages before I knock out for the night. Find what you love to do even if take some trial and error. Yours might be finding a great free yoga youtube channel and doing that before the kids get up in the morning, or painting, or even watching your favorite tv show without being interrupted. Find the time to set aside for yourself!

3.   Schedule Out Your Week

As a mom, a lot of things don’t go as planned. You plan to have a nice eventful day, but your 3 year old can have different plans…So what I do is plan different activities that I would like to do that week and “play by ear.” My schedule might look one way and yours another. What ever it may be try to plan out your week to some extent.  It will save you, emotionally and mentally.

4.   Get Ready For The Day

While I do rock a messy bun most of the days, I do try to get “ready” everyday. I don’t get ready for the day for my spouse or my friends, I get ready for me. To make myself feel prettier. Some days I do put on the eyeliner and straighten my hair. But most days I don’t have that much energy. I do make sure to shower every day. This includes washing my body, face, and washing my hair about 3 times a week. I usually put on jeans, sports bra, and a teeshirt. Makeup wise, I put on foundation, concealer, and mascara. Those are my basics that I try to do everyday for myself. Now you might have more energy than me and do more or maybe you don’t like makeup and just get dressed. I promise that by doing this you will have more love for yourself and even feel more energetic. There is something about showering and getting out of the pjs that makes me feel more awake and ready for the day.

5.   Forgive Yourself

There is NO such thing as the perfect mom or how to raise your kids “right.” The worst thing we can do is compare ourselves to each other. Tell yourself you are strong, beautiful, and the greatest mom you can be. Somedays might be filled with going to the library or play dates and the park, while other are spent snuggling together on the couch watching Daniel Tiger while dishes lay in the sink. AND THATS O.K. So forgive yourself, no-one is perfect.

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