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5 Important Things A Woman Should Know About Shaving

Unwanted hair is a major cause of distress among young as well as elderly women. There are various options available in today’s world to bid adieu to the unwanted hair growths. Women resort to various kinds of hair removal methods from using razors, epilators, hair removal creams, waxing, laser hair removal.

But, one of the painless, handy and comfortable process of hair removal is undoubtedly the use of women’s razor. Whether you need to go to a party or suddenly your partner plans to take you out for dinner, with a razor with you, you can always be ready for the smooth hair free look. But ladies, there are a few things we want you to know if shaving is just your thing. Read on!


1. Do not hesitate to invest in the best

When it comes to razor, don’t hesitate to spend a bit more. There are local razors available over the counters which will do more harm than good to your skin. For a more superior shaving experience buy good quality razors from online shopping site. The quality ones come with triple razor blade and the head of the razor is generally movable to ensure a smooth shave in difficult areas of the body.

2. Moisturize before you shave

To get the flawless smooth silky skin, moisturising is very essential. Before using the razor on the skin, moisturize with coconut oil for better and effective results. It is advisable to shave your body in the shower and do use a foam or a gel that will work up to a lather for the best shaving experience.

3. Don’t be harsh on your skin

An important tip to remember is that you should not be harsh on you skin while shaving. Though you have lathered well, putting pressure can lead to cuts. Therefore, we will suggest you to be very gentle while shaving you skin. Particularly, be extra careful while shaving down there as bikini areas are very sensitive as compared to the other body parts.

4. Replace the blades when needed

One of the main reasons that we have noticed as to why many people complain of not having a good shaving experience is because they use blunt razors. If your razor loses its sharpness you need to replace the blades immediately for a smoother shaving experience. Do not buy the local ones as these are disposable and you have to throw it once the blades turn blunt. Instead, go for the little costlier ones as these come with the option of changing the blades.

5. Post shave care

After shaving you need to apply moisturiser or aloe vera gel to your skin for better results. Gentle massage post shave will ensure that there is no itching or skin irritation. Also try to avoid tight clothes immediately after shaving. Wearing loose cotton garments will help your skin to breathe properly and the final outcome of all this will be silky smooth hair free skin.

Get your razor today!

Ladies, do not believe in the myth that razor is harmful for the skin and will lead to more hair growth. This is not true. Buy the best quality razors at affordable rates on online sites and make your skin hair free in just a few simple steps. Do keep in mind the above mentioned tips for a fruitful outcome.


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