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5 Job Ideas for Potential Work-at-Home Moms

I will say it again for the nth time: I love being a work-at-home mom. It's not for everyone, I'll admit, but it's working for me so far. And there are so many options for work in terms of what you can carry out at home. For me, it's obviously freelance writing. However, in my conversations and Net chats with other moms, I've discovered other work options that prospective work-at-home moms can give a whirl. Here are the top ten, off the top of my head, as well as mentions of some real work-at-home moms:

1. Freelance Writer.
I never thought I'd manage to freelance as a writer--the idea freaked me out in the beginning, to be honest. However, things started to pick up in a matter of time, and now I've pretty much gotten the hang of writing for several clients at a time. Freelance writers like me can magazine, newspapers, news, to online. On the net there are blogs, content writers, SEO writers and many other people hiring writers to fill up their pages. 

2. Coaching or consultancy. Some moms are just built with a capacity to turn others out for greatness. Such is the job of a life coach, business coach or any type of consultant. Basically, a consultant teaches people a specific expertise, or provides guidance in business affairs. A good example of a mom coach is Simple Mom, a talented young mom who created her own media company dedicated to helping families live more simply.

3. Art Director/Graphic Designer. My youngest brother was the first in our family to venture into a work-at-home setup, and he's a very successful freelance art director. From what I've learned about this line of expertise, graphic artists and art directors can actually make quite a good income out of designing websites, print media, logos/corporate identity and anything that needs some kind of art. A good example is Christine Castro-Hughes, Filipina mom graphic design expert based in California who has made a living out of this line of work with her design studio, Darling Studio.

4. Entrepreneur. If you have a great idea for something that someone may want to buy, then probably you're cut out to be an entrepreneur. A good way to start is by becoming an online seller, such as the following fab Multiplymarketplace mommies: Yummy Mummies Denise & Monica of Indigo Baby(I use their products, and especially love their Jar of Hope first aid gel!), Mommy Paola of Mommy Treats (Baked goods just for mommies: lactation cookies & muffins), and Mommy Suzzy of Suzzy's Cakes and Pastries (who makes a deadly and sinfully delicious chocolate cake!). Most of the time, you'll run your business from home; other times, you'll need to do the legwork for your business, such as purchasing, meeting up with vendors and suppliers, etc. But all in all, being an entrepreneur still gives you plenty of time to stay at home with your kids.

5. Virtual Assistant. Virtual assistants are independent contractors or entrepreneurs who provide administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients, all from the convenience of home. As a virtual assistant, you can be anything from an executive assistant to an information technolog, and you'll usually be working for some kind of small to medium business enterprise that's based abroad. You can be asked to do anything from basic clerical work such as data entry and phone-calling, to more technical jobs such as article writing or Web marketing. Blessie Adlaon of the Nanay Notebook is one such mom who's experienced the ins-and-outs of virtual assistance, and has various blog posts about this particular line of work and how it plays out for work-at-home moms.
Try these helpful sites to get more ideas for work-at-home opportunities:

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