5 Keys to Contentment: All About Complaining

Shandra over at "A Pause On the Path" has begun "On Your Heart Tuesdays".  So far I've managed to eek out one post, but quite frankly, I didn't have anything on my heart last week other than "LET ME SLEEP" - that was what was on my heart all week.  (blushing)


But, a couple of days ago, after having had a grand total of maybe 4 hours of sleep the whole night (the bulk of that after 5:30am), and realizing that the heat wave we are having is going to be sticking around until at least the end of this week, I was reminded of this little list I have on my fridge:



This was given to me by my mom and is an excerpt from the book, "Lord Calm My Anxious Heart" by Linda Dillow.  


The list was written by Ella Speers and is so inspiring that I decided to take the next 5 Tuesdays and blog about each key.


Key #1: Never allow yourself to complain about anything - not even the weather

And that's all I've been doing the past week (or more....frankly).  "It is hot.  It is in my 90s everyday.  The humidity stays in the 40% range, bringing the heat index up to near 100 or more.  We have no A/C and it's too hot to let Robi play outside during the day because the beating-down sun is not safe.  I can't sleep.  I have the mother of all hot flashes that seem to come quite frequently while I am trying to sleep."


This has been pretty much the topic of my thoughts for the past few weeks.  And while I rehashed this out once more a few days ago, that first key came to mind.  Make no mistake, it was God reminding me that I was wallowing in deep discontentment.


It is so easy to complain, we do it without even realizing it.  And the weather tends to get all sorts of complaints - no matter what the weather's like, someone will find fault with it.  I love rain, I am a Pacific Northwest girl, I grew up in Olympia, WA - right next to Seattle: the rain capital of the world. I am totally not used to the semi-tropical climate of Croatia.  But, if I truly believe that God is the creator of the universe - thus the creator and controller of the weather - then I must bring my thoughts and emotions into agreement with the verse, "This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."  Sometimes, it is a willful decision and we must wait for our emotions to follow (maybe they never actually will!), but it is a good discipline.  So, this week, while we endure more temperatures nearing or at (or maybe above) 100, and while Robi is bored out of his mind, not being able to enjoy going outdoors, and while I try to keep my inner thermostat at a reasonable level - I will choose to find joy in it all....knowing that I am building contentment into my character - one choice at a time!


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