5 Most Common Types of Motorcycle Injuries

Whether you have just begun riding a motorcycle or you have been on the road for years, you know that this is a pastime that requires a lot of attention if you are to stay safe to avoid a motorcycle accident. While everyone has heard of the different horror stories that go with motorcycling, you will find that there are many people on motorcycles who have never been injured at all. What are some of the most common injuries to be found when you enter the world of motorcyclists? 

Road Rash 

Road rash is simply the colloquial name for the skin abrasion that happens due to a spill from the motorcycle. Because a crash can throw you from the motorcycle itself, you may skid or slide across the pavement at a speed and force that abrades the skin. The severity of road rash, like any other motorcycle injury, is something that depends greatly on the speed at which the accident occurred and what the affected motorcyclist was wearing at the time. You can mitigate the severity of road rash, even prevent it altogether, by wearing proper protective gear. A leather jacket, chaps, and boots go a long way towards preventing this nasty but common condition. 

Bone Fractures 

Bone fractures often result from the fact that a motorcycle can tip one way or the other when they are in an accident. When you try to get your leg or even worse, an arm underneath yourself to steady it, this limb can hit the ground in a way that fractures the bone. Some fractures are severe enough that surgery is required, while others will heal quickly given the right amount of time and enough support. Take no chances; always go to the doctor after a spill. 

Nerve Damage in the Arms 

In a serious accident where a motorcyclist is thrown clear, one of the injuries that might result is nerve damage to the arm, especially between the hand and the elbow. The issue is that the arms are usually thrown up when you try to protect yourself from a fall. You may throw your arms up to protect your face or to shield your head, and though it is better for your arm to take this damage than your neck or your head, it is still damaging. Wearing protective clothing and even elbow pads can help you mitigate this damage. 

Head Injuries 

When someone is thrown from a motorcycle or hit by a car, head injuries are a common thing that emergency crews dread. These injuries can range from a concussion to serious lacerations and even damage to the skull. When you are riding a motorcycle, be very sure to always wear a helmet. It is the law in many states, but it is common sense everywhere! A helmet can only go through one crash. Do not buy a used helmet, and if your helmet has sustained an impact, get rid of it and get a new one. 

Ear Damage 

Though damage to the eardrum is not often discussed, it remains that you can still damage your ears after extensive amounts of time on your motorcycle. The constant roar of a motorcycle can actually affect your hearing, so make sure that you protect your ears with ear plugs, especially when you are ready to go for a long ride. 

Take a moment to think about your motorcycle riding excursions, and be as safe as you can be. The injuries you can sustain on a motorcycle can be serious, but plenty of riders never get any at all.

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