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5 things a mom with postpartum depression must know

5 things a mom with postpartum depression must know

A huge percentage, if not all, of mothers have postpartum depression. It is still a very misunderstood term; postpartum depression does not mean that she is perpetually tired or is suicidal. She is also not somebody who has locked herself at home and does not shower or eat well. The symptoms of postpartum can be ever changing and confusing and if you have not faced them yourself, it will be difficult to understand.

A postpartum mom thinks she may never get better

When you are in the throes of the condition, it might seem there is no hope of you ever getting better. When those around tell you it is ‘simply baby blues’, it makes the problem worse since you may feel like it is not that serious and you should have gotten better when you haven’t. You must talk about your depression and see a doctor to get validation of your problem.

You might not want company

Most new mothers may be misunderstood when they do not want company. It is not that they are keeping people away from the baby, any guests make a postpartum mom anxious. Perhaps it is the same reason why most new moms are not very keen on answering their phones too. You must not simply put it down to parental exhaustion but look for the deeper depression. Avoiding people makes it worse for her because now she thinks everybody is mad at her for disappearing like that.

She does not want to hear about women having dealt with it

You might think that telling a postpartum mom about other women who have dealt successfully will make her feel better that she can deal with her depression too. Unfortunately, that is not the case. It might only make her feel worse and a bigger failure for struggling with her postpartum depression.

Talking to strangers might be helpful

As a postpartum mom, once you talk to other women in your shoes, it will help you to just talk. You must understand that this does not mean you are choosing strangers over family or friends but it is certainly easier to open up to others who are currently going through a similar situation.

Get adequate sleep

Postpartum depression can cause insomnia and sleep deprivation worsens your condition making it a vicious cycle you need to break out of. Trust a family member or friend to take care of your baby while you catch up on sleep.

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