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1. Picking a costume is so much easier when you have kids.

         I used to have so much trouble choosing my costumes, but you know who has no trouble at all choosing my costumes? MY SON.  He is very opinionated when it comes to what I wear, Halloween or not.
 Like a lot of 6 year old boys this year, my son chose to be a ninja turtle. Micheal Angelo, to be exact.  Of course, he wanted me to be April O'Neil, and since I'm pregnant, I had to get a little creative.
This was the end result.

Luckily, my son is as much of a ham as I am. 

So he let me take lots of pictures.

It wasn't my most elaborate costume, and I had to throw it together pretty quickly, but seeing my son get so excited made the over sized shoulder pads so worth it. The whole time we were trick or treating, he was introducing me to everyone.  I know he won't always want me to dress up with him, so I really cherished how in to it he was.

The Raphael belly was my husbands idea.  It took some convincing, but I'm glad I did it.  My son was so excited that his little brother was in costume, too!


Before we go trick or treating at Grandma's house, we usually take my son to the richest neighborhood we can find.  This was the first year I had to do trick or treating alone, since my husband had to work, and I got really lost.  The neighborhood we go to is up in the mountains, and that's pretty much all I could remember.  I really took "up in the mountains" to heart.  I went 40 minutes, straight to the top of the mountain!
Now, I'm not afraid of heights or anything...but my anxiety was really kicking it.  The car was shaking, it looked like rain, and was getting dark.  I think I went 20 mph going back down the hill.
Eventually though, we found the neighborhood.
As usual, they were giving out the best goodies! Toy cars, king sized Butterfingers, and Otter Pops! Unfortunately, about 10 houses in, my son had to pee, and was pretty drained from my mountain-climbing anxiety attack.  So a tank of gas and ten houses later, we gave up, and drove to Nana's bathroom.

3.  Eat all of the candy you want.

I'm super pregnant. 8 months pregnant. I've been watching my diet pretty well this time around, because I gained about 70 lbs. with my first pregnancy.
So, I started out being pretty shy with the candy.  After my 7th candy bar though, I said screw it. I ate candy all night.  Beautiful, wonderful, glorious candy.
Today, I'm so sick of sweets that I've been eating nothing but carrots and apples.

4.  If you're doing it for the kids, it's not lame. 

Now, this isn't something I just learned this Halloween, but I really wanted to include it.  One of my favorite things about Halloween, now that I'm a parent, is watching other parents step out of their comfort zones for the sake of the kids.  I saw a dad dressed as a fairy this year.  A FAIRY.  His daughter was dressed up as a fairy and I was really happy thinking about how that whole conversation began.

5.  My son's priorities are changing, and so are mine. 

I know, I know.  Its life, and I had better get used to it.  But it still surprises me. He used to want to go to every single house, on every street.  Candy was all he cared about, and he wouldn't miss a single opportunity for it.  This year, he had a different objective.  He wanted to mingle.  He talked everyone's ear off, and sometimes he would start to walk away without grabbing any candy.  I even caught him talking to the decorations a couple of times!
We didn't go to every house, either. We hopped around based on how scary the decorations were, or if the house belonged to someone he knew.
Last year, I wanted him to have a ton of candy, too.  I had a lot of taxing to do, and  had done a lot of walking. This time, I just wanted to watch him.  I didn't want to miss a beat.

                               I can't wait to find out what he has in store for me next year.

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