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5 Tips for preventing baby crib injuries.

Babies spend a lot of time sleeping, whether it’s the day or night. The best place they can be comfortable is on the crib. As a parent, it is your role to ensure that the crib is in its safest condition. The safety check begins the buying process whereby you must ensure that the materials that make the crib are sturdy and the slats are well positioned.

According to statistics, and as Lisa at Parentsneed says, approximately 100,000 babies are hurt in a baby crib or playpen each year. This often happens to the children of ages 1-2 years. This is the age at which the children starts exploring stuff and try to climb out of their cribs.  Depending with the genes and other factors, some children of this age might be tall enough in a way that they may need to be transferred into a toddler bed style and position.

In order to prevent as many injuries as possible, there are few things that you can do as a parent. Some of these things that you ought to do are:

  • As the children continue growing taller, they become quite uncomfortable in the restricted area. You can prevent possible injuries by either lowering the mattress or transferring the baby to a bigger bed. Sleeping in an uncomfortable are may bring about injuries especially when the baby is asleep and is unaware of his/her surroundings. This growth and lack of comfort in the restricted area shows that your baby is grown and may not need a crib anymore.
  • When you notice that your child is leaning over the rail with the head or the legs, it id s good time for a transition into a toddler bed style position of the convertible baby crib or another bed. This leaning will cause so much restless for the baby and it not careful, it may result to injuries.
  • Be keen on the growth of your kid, pediatricians recommend that once your baby reaches 35 inches, you should move him/her to a toddler bed.
  • When you are buying the bed, be keen on the materials used to make the bed and ensure that they are well positioned. Also, avoid going for beds with drop sides. These cause a serious hazard to the babies. For instance, if the drop side becomes loose or detaches, a baby can become entrapped, strangle or even suffocate in the space between the drop side and the mattress.
  • When you are putting the baby to sleep, it is recommended that you should place them on their backs and you should not use padding or a pillow. These items can easily suffocate the baby.

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