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5 top tips for boosting your income

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Here are 5 top…

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5 Tips to Help Your Child Do Better in School

It's not uncommon for children to have times in their life when they struggle in school. Struggling in school in and of itself is unlikely to hurt their future. What is more critical during these times is what you as a parent do about it. The biggest mistake a parent can make is to wait and see if the problem is temporary. Most issues that arise in school will only worsen. Being proactive is essential for your child's success in school. Here are five tips to help your child with their education. 

Ask Questions

When your child comes home from school each day, ask how their day was or how school was. Get as many details as you can. This helps you pick up on any potential problems, from academic issues to problems with the teacher and even bullying from their peers. Not only this, questions show an interest in your child’s life and eventually, your child may tell you about their day before being asked.

Help with Homework

Every parent is busy, but you should know that your child's education is priority number one. Take an hour out of your day to help your child with their homework. If they don't need help, show interest in them doing it and reward a job well done. You'll notice signs of struggle at their earliest stage by sitting next to them. Keep in mind that there's a big difference between doing their homework for them and helping them do it. There's no harm in helping them improve their problem-solving skills, so long as you don't give your child the answers.

Check-In with the Teacher

Teachers want your child to succeed in school. Most school faculty offer open lines of communication to assure this. Take advantage of this and communicate with your child’s teachers. They can let you know the slightest sign your child is struggling so you can start to work with them. Social interaction, attentiveness, and eagerness to learn are all very noticeable traits. A teacher will gladly let you know of problems and work with you to help your child succeed, even in the face of hardships. 

Encourage Outdoor Play Time

Technology has already overwhelmed our lives. On average, children spend about seven hours per day staring at screens. Regulate your child’s usage of electronic devices, from TVs to smartphones and video games. Take your children on a walk, or encourage playing outdoors with friends and neighbors. Playing outside lets your child expend excess energy, making it easier to focus on homework. It sparks imagination, creativity, and ultimately promotes clear-thinking in the classroom. Some studies have even shown that improves emotional intelligence.


Get Regular Physical Check-Ups

A child's health and wellbeing is crucial to their success in school. Regular visits to the family doctor as well as eye and hearing exams gives your child an upper hand at staying healthy and staying focused. Vision and hearing problems can severely hinder your child’s academic success, so stay on top of their exams and be ready to explore hearing aid options or purchase prescribed glasses if need be. It’s important to be aware of any health problems as soon as possible so the issues don’t affect your child too much. 


Giving your child the best chance possible starts with you, the parent. Recognizing the signs of a struggling child is the first step towards success; knowing how to help is the second. Use the above tips to help your child succeed with their studies.

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