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What is the first word that comes into mind when you hear the word ‘mom’? Bet you, words like loving, caring, bossy, superwoman starts popping left and right. Some of a few people will have words like resourceful, creative, and nifty, and for one second, you start looking to the side and say, “Yeah!”.

A lot of mothers out there tend to play around quite a number of stuff on anything possible that they can manipulate. I’m talking about something creative that they usually do to pass the time. Most women may not be all up for hardcore building and creating things, but they can rock a hands-on project when it comes to beautification. One of these things that can come in handy for decorative projects are vinyl materials.

Vinyl, or PVC, are materials that can be found anywhere, in many different everyday objects. There are vinyl materials that you’ll find walking around soil in a property, usually called vinyl bulkhead materials. However, the vinyl that I’m talking about are those that can be crafted by die-cutting machines like Silhouette, Anna Griffin, Brother ScanNCut2, and others. You won’t imagine what you can do to make vinyl waltz around creativity.

Some mothers have shared their experiences and tips on using vinyl in a different level of fanciness specifically on a Silhouette machine. I can easily imagine right now the finished product I’d like on a crafty project with some vinyl on it. However, would it really be that smooth in the actual process as how my imagination pictures it out?

Here are some tips and ideas to help you on a smooth Vinyl crafting:

1. Using mod podge to put the vinyl and canvas together can be a bit hard. By putting the mod podge to the canvas, first, before the vinyl avoids all the messy bits of the process. Vinyl is adhesive, so there’s not much problem getting it to stick to anything.

2. If you’re having a stencil project, the mod podge can definitely tidy up the edges!

3. With vinyl, you can definitely create different designs and projects, vinyl sticker mostly. To help out during the making of a vinyl sticker, you’d need a transfer tape. Now, usually transfer tapes can be an entirely different problem as to which one would stick the most with the vinyl and matches with the machine you’re using, as well. Since, Silhouette machines come with their own transfer tapes, they actually just work perfectly on any vinyls from the body design down to the lining.


4. In ceramic wares plus vinyl types of projects, rubbing the ceramic surface to where the vinyl should stick is always a first. This way, it clears off any residue or wet portions that competes with adhesion.

Vinyl on Ceramic using Cricut machine


5. Calligraphy projects are of typical choices for vinyl designs. One of the difficult things you will encounter when you start one is having all the letters thin and small, and takes a lot of pain to cut. A little tip: cut outside the lines, and later on, you’d do the appropriate size adjustments when each letter or word is completely off the vinyl surface.

Vinyl decal calligraphy in the wall

There’s so much more you can do with vinyl. But it’s not really the difficult stuff that we should focus on, but the fun and creativeness involved while doing it with your family. To moms out there, get your imaginative caps on and get the vinyl working.


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