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It’s Spring and the weather has finally started to get warmer. Bikes are dusted off and children’s laughter can be heard up and down the street. Yes, life outside the house is ready to resume... until drip, drop, drip drip, drop drop... here comes the rain. However, instead of feeling disappointed, check out our list 5 ways to enjoy rainy days and get back to having fun!

  • 1. Have a baking day! Bake some cookies and let them help you clean up so that afterwards everyone canrelax with this homemade treat.
  • 2. Build a fort out of blankets, pillows and chairs and then climb in!I don't think you ever really get too old to enjoy this. Just be sure to secure the corners of your blankets well. You don't want the whole thing to come falling down ;)
  • 3. Gather a couple fun board games to play and make a big bowl of popcorn to enjoy!
  • 4. Have a video game contest.We're usually telling the kids to put up the video games in order to do something else... well, surprise them by pulling up a seat and challenging them to a couple rounds! (they'll think you're the coolest parent)
  • 5. Play in the Rain. Yes, you heard me correctly... go play in the rain! Rain can be a nuisance when you're trying to stay dry, but exactly want you need if you're looking to get wet! Run, skip, roll, spin, slide, and have a ball. Then go back in, change into dry clothes, and enjoy a warm cocoa. Do this so many times and you just might start looking forward to the next rain day ;)

Don’t let this season of sunshine AND rain give you the blues... Instead of asking the rain to go away; put on a smile, get started on your great idea and say “Rain, Rain, It’s okay.”

Like what you've read, so far? There's more! ;)

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Comment by Jazelle on June 17, 2015 at 9:22am

I love it, too! My kids think I'm the coolest when I build, crawl, and roll around with them. ;)

Comment by Ashley Owen on June 16, 2015 at 5:28pm

Great ideas! One of my personal favorites is fort building.

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