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If you're like me, I have spent plenty of time scrutinizing myself, in front of the mirror. So, when SELF magazine challenged readers to pinpoint a least favorite body part...it took me all of two seconds to zero-in on mine...and talk it up with 5 compliments, that got my attention. So, rather than focus on what I wish were different, for once, I really thought about what my least favorite body part brings to my life. That part, by the way, is my thighs. I am an apple-bottomed girl...you know, a pear-shape with adorning little saddlebags on each leg. With diet and exercise, I have lost inches and pounds and dress sizes, but not my thick, German thighs! With the likes of Kim Kardashian and J-Lo flaunting theirs, I've gotten more comfortable with being bootylicious but still hate how certain styles of clothes can make it seem like I go for miles from side-to-side.

But, you know, these big thighs are toned and muscular...these big thighs can motor me up a flight of stairs at a pretty fast clip, even weighed down by tote bags and purses...these big thighs can really buckle down and keep me steady, coming down double-black diamond ski trails...these big thighs can power a mountain bike down the road for miles at a time...and, these big thighs are made for low-rider, hipster-style panties and flare-legged jeans!

Huh, wow, that felt kinda good! Maybe next time I catch myself bashing them, or any other part of myself, I'll try this exercise instead and give myself a break. Why don't you give it a shot? And, don't forget to share your 5-best results with us!

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