6 Ways I'm Creating a Simple Life For My Son

Connor is over a year now and quickly soaking the world up like a sponge so I've been on high gear to put an effort into harboring a simple environment for him in terms of toys, expectations, activities, etc.  So here are my thoughts I wanted to share with you in hopes you'll share more ideas with me and our other readers!  

It's just a few ways that I am currently and will in the future create a simple, mindful lifestyle for my son.

1. Toys - I sick to the classics. Mostly wooden. I like having toys that don't do the work for him.  For example, we received this beautiful Melissa & Doug train for Xmas (pictured).  He'll be able to build up how the train typically looks or build it the way he wants.  He'll learn how to "choo choo" with it as he pushes it around the floor & also learn colors and shapes.  A few must-haves in our house are wooden blocks & animals, musical instruments, balls, books,vehicles & art materials.  To be quite honest, the Tupperware, pots and pans and broom are the favorites in this house to play with lately! Having less feeds his imagination. I also rotate them so they are exciting a new each time they're pulled out! Tip: for holidays & bdays, create a Barnes&Noble wish list (and any place you desire) This way people will hopefully get the idea of what you may like to receive.. You can never go wrong with books! or as gifts encourage family members to take them somewhere special and create a memory instead. A museum, zoo, park, lunch date

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