With my father firmly ensconced in another state away from internet access for a few days I can post this. If my brother in law is reading this I will ask him to stop now and wait for another post... (you should be working right now anyway) Today's post is a ladies only post.

For all of us moms who have been through the trenches of pregnancy, sleep-deprived motherhood, breast feeding, toddler-dom, preschool car line, and now early morning bus stop runs it can start to take a toll on one's up-keep. You know what I'm talking about here, we pull the same pair of jeans off the floor 5 mornings a week (oh who am I kidding, 7 days a week!) put that hair up into an obligatory ponytail grab some chap stick if we're lucky and head into the day.

I was in a rut and not feeling my fabulous groove anymore so I decided to do something about it. I am not a lipstick princess or glamour queen by any stretch but I have made an effort for the past year or two to try to keep up appearances, so to speak.

Step one: Get a cute bag. I'm still in the same jeans, sneakers, and basic tops most days but I did splurge and get a cute (and classic) purse last year (her name is 'Carly' and I love her!) When I grab my cute bag filled with diapers and Cheerios I feel a bit less schlumpy because it is actually a classic (grown up) purse but not a diaper bag and not my mom's bag either.

Step two: Add some color to your face. I wear make up daily (just to add a little color and it's a very fast and easy routine) it's not a lot, just some foundation around the eyes to cover the dark circles, a little cream blush on the cheeks so I'm not washed out and so tired looking and some mascara. When I remember, I'll throw on lipstick or my favorite gloss (Stella "Kitten") When I'm home all day and walk past a mirror I feel better when the face looking back at me has some color and looks less tired.

Step three: I finally ditched the maternity underwear, cotton nursing bras, and sensible cotton jockeys for some super cute (barely there) naughty mommy panties. We're talking lace, ribbons, and see through zones here. These are not your mother's (or grandmother's) underpants. Even with my daily denim uniform on, I feel better knowing that I've got racey undies on underneath. I swear I feel better wearing them! My current favorites are DKNY flirty layers tanga and Natori sheer femme hipster panties.

Step four: Color those little piggies. I always have color on my toes, I get a pedicure once a month or do it myself at home. I can't stand to have naked toes and even though I'm the only one who sees them, I feel better with my feet done. I never bother with my hands, manicures...especially nail polish don't last more than a day on me between my art studio and frequent hand washing.

Step five: Wax on, Wax Off, Daniel(le)-San. In keeping with the new cute and naughty undies policy I had to embark on some domestic border control. I tried a few different places and my favorite salon is Elizabeth Arden Red Door spa. I visit once a month for a bikini wax and I have to say it is not painful with the sugar based stuff they use. The last place I went to was like torture but they go nice and slow at Arden and use their own product and I'm very happy with the results and so is my hubby for that matter.

Step six: Add a bit of sparkle. Whether it's a simple necklace, a cute bracelet, or a little hair accessory I feel more girlie and put together with a small embellishment of sorts. It's a tip I picked up from my two resident princesses and my neighbor across the street who sells beautiful Lia Sophia jewelry.

Step seven: Don't always put yourself last. It doesn't always happen but I'm making an effort to remember that I'm not going to be the best mom for my family if I don't put on my own oxygen mask first. I'm trying to remember to enough drink water to keep my kidney stones away and my urologist happy. I am also trying to eat a rainbow, get enough sleep, and exercise. Like I say, it's not always going to happen but I'm making the effort here.

Would love to hear how my fellow mommy bloggers get your own Mama Groove's On.

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