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Are there any moms out there who are Moms of Young Adults? My son is 20 YO and he went to college for one year, He now works in retail and does very well. I get very discouraged at his decision to not continue with college. In todays economy, its very hard to make it on his own with the salary he is making. I compare him at this age to myself at 20..I was on my own, going to nursing school and working my butt off for my future. Its so scary for young adult children now a days....any one else feeling the pain...???

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Comment by Kathleen Schott on October 21, 2008 at 6:49pm
I think he will eventually get back to school. He is finding his way at the moment and at the very least, I can be thankful he is responsible and has a full time job which he enjoys. He has never had a problem making or lack of friends. And things come very easy for him, his comprehension is remarkable. I learn from him...

Thanks for your good wishes..!!
Comment by Rick Bucich on October 21, 2008 at 1:30pm
A friend of mine from college just finished his degree at age 44, we're all proud of him. I remember being challenged in college myself, it can be overwhelming especially with graduation seeming so far away when you're a freshmen. What helped for me was taking as many upper-division courses as possible in place of lower-division ones, you could petition to do so. The classes are smaller and far more interesting. Boring doesn't translate to good grades in my case.

Peer pressure can also help, making friends with others that are motivated can help pull you through the rough spots.

Good luck to him!
Comment by Kathleen Schott on October 10, 2008 at 2:20pm
Fortunately he has found his passion. He loves sales with technology. It just doesn't pay the salary at this point in the game. He has to "prove" himself which he has, being top sales in his district and being active bring his store to top sales with in the district. I know the economy is a major reason he has not advanced at a faster rate, he's only been on this job a Year and has proven him self...I just continue to be impatient and then there is the fact he is still living at home.... I have to hold back and not be the Nag....but at times its hard, he wants to live like hes on his own, but its in my home...!! I consider myself to be a very easy going parent, but I do parent. Ha.... I agree with you Angie, we have to be there for our kids. But we have to take that step back and let them find their way.. Heather, thats great your step son was able to find a good position even though he did not graduate High School, that shows a lot bout his Character, he's willing to do what it takes to be self sufficient. And I guess as Mom's thats all we can really hope and pray for in regards to our children. PS....My son is a computer guru, sure is the future.!!
Comment by Heather Kephart on October 10, 2008 at 12:26pm
My own kids are very young, but I have 22 yo and 16 yo stepsons. The 22 yo didn't even finish high school, but he knew computers really well. He works for a web developing company and is presently training to go to the police academy. You just never know. I think the key is to find your passion early on. I never did when I was young and I ended up spending 15 years working in finance which bored me to tears and nearly pummeled my spirit. Hopefully your son will do a bit of exploring and discover his passion!
Comment by Angie Mozilo on October 4, 2008 at 12:01am
As moms I think it is really hard to separate our lives from our children's lives...but I also know that it is essential for ourselves as well as our children. I struggle with how to separate and still the be the guide and counsel she needs. I have been in a time of discovery in my life (returning to school, re-entering the paid workforce, writing and blogging,finding my own voice and identity outside of wife and mom), but at the same time, I feel guilty because she is struggling with finding herself. My heart still wants to fix everything, but my brain knows that some things in life are best learned by taking some of the hits that come along in life. I pray everyday for my children. I know that as much as they are mine, they were and are His first. When I am praying for my girls, I'll pray for you and your son too.
Comment by Kathleen Schott on October 3, 2008 at 10:43pm
It is harder today as a parent of a Young Adult then when we were that age..IMO. I know my parents did not have to worry about half of the stuff I now worry about. And the financial issue, its just crazy... When they were younger, they didn't have a choice...right? LOL I get so stressed out at times and know I shouldn't...Asking God and praying to direct and guide. I also feel your pain. I want to get on with MY life...and I am now finding my decisions are being based on my son's life. I can't throw him out with the bath water, or can I...??? I hope all works out for your daughter...tats are a big bone of contention for me, (even tho my husband has one), we have had that discussion, too. Who knows what he may do in the future..
Comment by Angie Mozilo on October 3, 2008 at 10:33pm
Just had some young adult drama tonight. My 19 YO daughter went off to school last year, but withdrew on a medical issue (eating disorder) in the first semester. She re-enrolled last spring and is doing well, but we still stress a lot about her. It seems live everything is a point of drama to her....not sure if it is truly drama for her or if we are just over sensitive. Our latest drama tonight was her computer crashing, and then telling us she was going to get a tattoo (I have nothing against tats my sister and b-i-l have them, ...I just don't want her to make a decision she regrets.) Sometimes I think being the parent of an "adult" is harder than a kid. I feel your pain and are not alone!

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