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My 9 month adventure

It’s not what you think.

I hate to start towards the end, but that’s what I’m gonna do, ‘cause that’s where I am

I have this dog that I love dearly, he’s been around for 12 ½ years and we’ve been through so much together. My husband and I got him just a few months after we got married. We named him Kramer after the Seinfeld character. His hair was cut crooked on the top and he would slide around all the time. It was hysterical and he reminded us of the Seinfeld character. In any case, he’s been through 4 house moves, 3 kids, 1 other dog and so much more.

I remember the first few months with him I was about to wring his neck. He kept running away from me. We’d be outside playing, next thing you know he changed the game on me and the new game was, “see if you can catch Kramer.” He loved that game, me not so much. I’d chase him around the neighborhood. In the end I always got him, and then we were off to obedience school. The funny part is that for my husband Kramer was an angel. Kramer wouldn’t dare do that to him. John was definitely the Alpha “dog” to Kramer. After some practice Kramer was a star student and has followed me around for the last 12 years.

One of his best tricks was that he would lay down, wait for me to throw the ball and if I said “stay” he would just lay there until I told him he could go get it. That dog was the best, he would look at the ball and me like “come on, enough is enough, let me get it!” but he wouldn’t get up until I released him. Kramer spent 12 years entertaining guests and keeping an eye on things.

And, Kramer’s so good with the kids. They love him too. Once we knew he was sick my middle daughter said “I just can’t live without Kramer.” With as much drama as a 5 year old can muster. I agree with her. It’s hard to think about not having him follow me around the house. Not having the girls trying to ride him, he’s a large dog and they liked to pretend he’s their horse. Not to have him greet me at the door and bark to protect me in the dark of night.

The sad part is that now that he’s sick, he’s miserable. He’s been such a good dog and it breaks my heart to see him this way. It breaks my heart to think of the alternative. To think of letting him go. But, I guess I’ll be ending my 9 month adventure with a dog in “hospice” who soon he’ll be gone. It’s sad for me, but I’m glad I was able to be at home with him in the end and help him get around the last few weeks. Now, as my adventure is about to end I feel like I not only was here to care for my human children but my K-9 one too.

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