So being a new Blogger, has had it's share of be sure....maybe it's because I am really my own worst critic when it comes to my writing. Why do I always tend to feel like I'm writing the piece for my highschool or college English I analize and over analize...I publish...then edit...then publish again....ARGGHH....


I read this snifty little article about how to be a better it should be the quality of the work....not the quantity that gets you what makes it quality....(crickets chirping)....yeah...that can be so subjective....

I've read soooo many blogs the last few eyes are starting to cross...and I have 8,000 tabs open at the bottom of my computer screen....where am I?????? I have no freaking clue....and have I gotten some enlightenment on what is considered quality...sure....I read a post...and think wow that's some quality work....then read another and think that's a good read too...then why don't mine sound that effortless....

Then it happened....tonight, Pooh-ness and I were in a dressing room of Annie Sez....I was trying on my 5th pair of jeans...and it hit me....I'm just thinking too hard about the whole thing....I'm trying to think more about what everyone else in this big blogging world would want me to write...rather than what I want to write....

I exclaim my revelation to Pooh....and he just looks at me with his big blue eyes from his carrier...and gives me this amazing semi-toothy grin...and I think....yep kid...I think I may be on to something...

Driving home...I had a renewed sense of excitement....and thought...okay so I won't care if I have 2 subscribers...or 250....what matters is if I feel a sense of accomplishment when I blog about whatever I freaking feel like....and damn that feels good....

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