Here is a little background on Bella. She has always been shy, a loner, teachers pet and has such determination in life you almost want to bottle it and sell it. Recently in the 6th grade she has turned into quite the chit-chatterer and social butterfly. She went from just 1 best friend for years to having a busier social calendar than I have. The girl actually took my cell phone and when the other line beeped and it was for me, she asked if I could call them back because she was on an important call. Ok yes obviously time to discuss boundaries. Her recent achievements are being nominated and accepted to the Washington D.C leadership conference, 2nd place in the school spelling bee, Gold honor roll every semester for years, and has succeeded with great success at everything the gifted program throws at her. The only time she has ever gotten into trouble she ditched recess and went to the library to read. She pretty much is the perfect kid except when she steals my clothes or you happen to look in her closet or under her bed. She would give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it and even when a kid makes fun of her she is still a friend to them. With all that said my poor kid didn’t have but one true friend until this last year when the other girls decided to judge her for her personality rather than the fact that she dressed weird or her mother was a hippy. You would think in the mountains that hippy would be an acceptable title, no. Where I live unless you own 6 guns, hunt for fun, wear cowboy boots and jeans that go completely up the crack of your ass and all women have camel toes, then no, you are an outcast. She has a few goals in life, one to own a bookstore coffee shop and the other to be a pediatrician. Yale is the school of her choice, mainly due to the fact rory from Gilmore girls attended there and for some strange reason wants to own a hummer. Ok obviously mom’s economical gas lectures havn’t hit home on that one yet. Every teacher, every year has always said how great a kid she is and how much they will miss her. Bella is an avid book reader and is ten times smarter than me even on my best day, which makes me doubt all the scientific research done on DNA. Bella wants to go to Moriarty Middle school with her friends even though they lack the ability to challenge her. Mom wants her to go to Edgewood Middle school where the standards are extremely higher and make new friends. As stated earlier though, the social circle there is not one she would fit into easily. Considering the girl just won the fight of being herself and people will love her for it, do I want to take away that win for her and make her start all over. Yes a good lesson in life, but she just spent a three year battle to learn it the first time around. Is it necessary to repeat that?

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