Warm soft blankets and me in a mound
My dreams are shaken up
As sleep heeds a sound
Shrill music blaring, I wanted to shout
My arm auto lifts to slam the noise out
The button of snooze is one I adore
It battles the time so I can snore more
Three maybe four, I push time to the limit
My body rises slowly forcing my head slowly in it
The hardest of chores is almost behind me
As getting me up is truly the key
To getting him dressed and getting him fed
Man how I wish I could go back to bed
To getting him ready and rushing him out
But not before policing his head and his mouth
Clean up the mess
Run to the bus
Are they truly destined to be one of us?
Caretaker, worker a mother a wife
Who runs from the morning and throughout all their life?
Who snatches at time and watches it flee
With nothing left over for just you and me
By watching them grow and catching their falls
To give them a glimpse beyond our safe walls
To protect them and love them like fierce is to fire
Their happiness and safety our only desire
The big yellow monster now sucks my boy in
I wave goodbye sadly as the big tires spin
For a second I stop to see his sweet face
Pressed to the window
The last smear erased
I smile and hope that he’ll never know
The panic of life of in which I go
Bus on its way
The second leg begins
Work that waits and bread to win
Did I ever know it would be this way?
Sprint, Dash and Speed would entitle my day
I stood where he left and let out a sigh
This will not be a day that I break down and cry
I had kissed his sweet face, inhaled his sweet skin
Before he left and his day would begin
That is the memory that carries me through
Rush hour madness can’t take that from you
Weepiness stored in the no-time-for-that-bin
And a wish for an eighth Someday to make its way in.

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