How much of what we put out into the universe is true to who we are as humans?

It seems to me that life is like that of a work of theatre. You have your opening act, birth. You make your way front and center and become the one person that everyone pays attention to. As you grow you realize that people stop paying attention to every little detail that is your life. You start to become a diva as you enter toddlerhood. Constantly learning but struggling to stay the center.

As you move into Act 1 you become the child entering school. You try your hardest to make it through school, learning and growing. Most children do fairly well, making friends, attending school, participating in sports or scouts of some sorts. At the end of Act 1, you start to realize how things are changing and you can do one of two things, rebel or accept.

The beginning of Act 2 is all about choice. Rebel against what is occuring or accepting the change and understanding that everything has to change in order to grow. Most kids during this time go through phases as parents call them. When really it is just a mental thing for a child to deal with the ever growing change in their life. Some kids can't handle everything and really rebel and have outbursts that show their frustrations. Some children hide within themselves never allowing anyone to get close to them or their feelings. Some kids just rock through phases of change and you can see the confidence building.

At the end of Act 2 the child has grown into a young adult. During this phase of change they will have to make a choice, continue on the path of young life, not buckling down and realizing their responsibilities. Some drink and party all the time. Some work their butts off in school or work to fulfill their goals.

There is a small break between Act 2 and Act 3. This break is where the transition between teen and adult happens. Maybe not the emotional growth but the physical change between teen and adult.

The beginning of Act 3 begins the journey thorough adult hood. Some people handle this in a couple different ways. You have those who cling to the past, never wanting to grow up. You have those who grow up way too fast and act more like they are 40 than 24. And then there are those who just enjoy the ride and live life to the fullest. In Act 3 people become parents, spouses, college graduates, starting new careers or advancing through the one they currenly have. Towards the end of Act 3, you can tell who has been doing okay and who is struggling. Some have breakdowns called mid-life crisis. Men go buy new hot rods and divorce their wives for younger women. They do not realize that no matter what, they are going to advance and by holding onto the past, they are holding onto virtually nothing. They are never going to be 18 again and to deal with that by saying, I am not 18 anymore, its time to act my age, these people will have a better life and less stress.

At the beginning of Act 4, people are becoming grandparents, some first time parents. Some have been with the same company for 20 years, some are CEO's or presidents, some are losing their parents, some are travelling, some have kids going to college. Some incur health issues like never before, some realize how healthy they are and enjoy living life ot the fullest. Act four is the final act. From here is only the end of the play. Death itself lays its hands upon the soul and allows the soul to move onto the next journey. Act four can end early on, sometimes it takes a long time for act four to finish.

The most important thing out of this entire thing is not how long you live, but HOW you live. If you constantly struggle with items in your life, its time to reevaluate your situation. Change the things you are unhappy about. If you can't stand your work and you hate going, find a way to get into a new career. Go back to school or start sending out resumes to new companies. Try and make the change.

For those holding onto the past, let go of the rope. Realize that by spending all of your time worrying about what you could have done or could have been or who you could have been with, spend the time fixing right now. Hug your kids, love your spouse, cherish the moments happening right at this moment. Be thankful for the things you have instead of regretful for the things you don't. Be grateful for the possessions you have instead of needing things that you don't. Smile at someone you don't know. Tell the person next to you good morning. Call the people you care about just to say hi. And most importantly, tell the people you care about most in your life, how you feel. Let them know you care, show them you love them. And never ever let your children down. Be there for them NO MATTER WHAT! Even if they turn out differently than you wanted, hug them anyway and let them know it doesn't matter.

Because you honestly don't know when they will go. When they will be taken away. They could leave tomorrow and never come back. They could pass on tonight and you would never get another chance. So take chances, take risks. Enjoy life and dammit LOVE YOUR FELLOW MAN. Stop the hate. Quit the differences. We are all human. That is the only thing that should matter. Respect nature. Quit throwing your garbage out your car window. Plant some flowers. Water a tree. Give someone the gift of life by donating blood. Go to church because you want to. Sing loudly in the car and don't care who can see. Take the dog for a walk just for fun. Don't worry about what your neighbors are up to. Pay attention to what happens in your own house instead.

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