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Let me start by saying ahhhhhh today has not been my day. So I take Katie to swimming lessons today which was so much fun and I had Collin with us as well so all 3 of us were in our swimming soups (as Katie says) and I realize I left our change of clothes bag and Collin's lunch bag on the floor of the garage. Why? you ask because I was running late and then my car wouldn't start (my brand new car) so as I'm trying to figure out what was wrong I gave it one more try and it turned on. I call the dealer and they say they can get my car in today and they'll have a loaner car ready for me. It would take no more then 5 min. to fill out paperwork and go. Great! I thought....(If something sounds to good to be true....IT IS) So after swimming, soaking wet, we drove to the dealer and found out they didn't have a car there for me so they rented one for me from a rental place around the corner. So it took 30 min at the dealer with paperwork then I had to go to the rental place fill out paperwork there and then we could go. We did, with Collin screaming in the back seat because he's hungry, Katie cranky because she's tired.

Great we are on our way home and I will have a sense of peace in less than 10 min. I pull in the driveway and Oh BOY! I left my garage door opener in my car that is at the dealer, which on any other day would have been fine because I could use the house key and go through the front door except I locked the glass screen door. POOOO. I left the keys to my husbands truck that has the other opener in it in the house. By this time Collin has tears rolling down his face and eyes are swelling and screaming is getting louder because he's hungry. None of my friends that have kids in the neighborhood are home so I have to drive to the store to get a bottle and formula.

The store was an experience in itself, so I finally got Collin settled and Katie asleep and I head back to the car dealer to get my remote and found out my car is actually ready. I just needed to return the car and the rental place will bring me back to the dealer. YEAH! I can still get home during nap time. Nope! I pull into the rental place and run into the steps and scrape the underside of the car. REALLY?!?! Did I really just do that? If I had done it anywhere else no one would have noticed. It was literally under the car, but the part was painted! So 45 min later I finally got back to my car and guess what IT DIDN'T START!!! By this time Collin is crying again because he's tired and Katie is crying because she wants her bed and I am really thinking about crying. The dealer actually has a loaner car for me so I get home and my dog has gotten sick all over Collin's room and the dinner I was cooking in the Crockpot is still cold because I forgot to turn it on.

I cleaned up the poop, ordered pizza, gave the kids a bath, and put everyone to bed. That leaves me here laughing at my day! Can anything else go wrong? I hope not because I'm going to bed!

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