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What To Post About On Your Mom Blog About Your Family’s RV Trip

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In fact, you can probably get multiple posts out of a single RV trip, even if it’s only a quick…

Adorable flower girl dresses to choose from

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The Importance of Dinner Together

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When Beth Feldman of sent me an evite for a "GIRLS NIGHT IN", I quickly clicked on "view invite" and read the details. This is what part of the invite said:

At our debut event, it'll be all about relaxation with complimentary massages, manicures, drinks and appetizers.

As soon as I saw the words "complimentary massages" I was in. I didn't care who I had to track down to babysit the kids! I was a shoe in! I was not going to miss my massage because I am a mom in need!! I continued reading and the word "manicures" was part of the invite. Was this a joke?? Then to cap it off...DRINKS! This was a mom's ideal night out. All of my 3 favorite things in one night!!

I was in heaven.

I drove 15 minutes and I was at Beth's house. Beth has a lovely home. There were lots of mom bloggers(I was one), entrepreneurs(I am one) and successful authors, around 35 - 40 women in total.

The event showcased three relatively new products. One, and is an excellent brand of award winning girl dolls. Karito('Ka-ree'-toe) is a word from the constructed international language, Esperanto, meaning charity and love of one's neighbor. Karito dolls are eco-friendly, global, and giving. The Karito Kid dolls were created to expand children's knowledge of life in the other countries, as well as to encourage an understanding of charitbale giving.

Each time a doll is purchased the purchaser is invited to donate a percentage of their doll's retail price to a global children's charity, The 21' inch dolls start at $99.00. Yes, not cheap but I gotta tell ya, WORTH IT. I loved the doll(don't be jealous but I was walked away with was also part of the night's fun). They gave me the newest girl "Piper". Piper Whelan is an 11yr old girl from Sydney Australia.

They also recently introduced a new line of International Travel Charmers priced at $20.00. SUPER CUTE and COOL!

This is my moment of honesty...I have not given Piper to my daughter yet. I am waiting until she is ready to treat it with care and not throw it across the room like all her bruised babies. She's getting there. She now caresses her babies, kisses them on the forehead and says "go meemees". lil' princess is sooo yummy! back to Karito, THEY ROCK! I love them all. See the pic of me holding the doll. I was smiling like I was the one going home to play with her. LOL!

Next up..

Funny story with this one. OH NO...another moment of honesty. O.K. still trying to lose the baby weight(not successful what so ever) I resisted the temptation at the party and passed on the mini pizzas by I did however take the party favor home.

Now, lil B does not...I repeat DOES NOT eat frozen pizza. He is super picky with his pizza. This is usually the routine at the pizza parlor "mom take the sauce off" "No, not that piece" "Nah, I'll just eat the crust". So, I put the box in the refrigerator as soon as I got home.

The next day, his appetite was in full swing(whew..very rare). I fed him dinner and then an hr later he said "Mom, what else can I have to eat?" I was running on low and I looked at the 4real box and said "what the heck".

Pop...the mini pizza was ready.

Lil B looks it over.

He continues to inspect.

He's thinking about it. He looks at me....he take a triangle.

He looks at me again.

What do you know??


He continued to eat it!!!

He actually said "Mom, this is really yummy...can I have ANOTHER piece".

I said "sure, honey".

My interest was at it's peak. I couldn't take it anymore.

I went in for a piece myself "Wow B you are right, it really is good".

4Real foods are a healthier versions of foods kids already love. Such as, Pizza, Quesdadillas, spaghetti rings, beef ravioli, and mac and cheese. Each meal contains 240 calories, less fat and less sodium than other leading alternative products.

MOMS - I kid you not. Your kids will eat it all. Try it! Great for birthday parties too.


Slender What??? Slender no no(soon..soon)! Then name is Slendertone, recently introduced Enervie Muscle conditioner, which is used to relax and rejuvenate muscles. Doesn't that sound good? This portable product provides 6 different muscle conditioning and recovery programs to soothe the upper and lower back, shoulder, calf, and other muscle groups commonly aggravated regular everyday exertion or exercise. Basically, it's like having your own private physical therapist.

Check it out moms! After a long day after work or spent with the kids...CRANK it up!

So an evening of pampering and mingling was well spent and enjoyed.

I spoke with the following ladies:

Andrea Stein of Wonderful mom and great product. We will be featuring her very soon on and we will have a give away.

Polly Kreisman of or High energy and a woman in the know. Great site for Westchester residents.

Oh so nice, Gwendolen Gross and extremely talented author.

The always smiling and delightful Kimberly of

I also ran into someone from HS, who I did not know all that well while in HS but we both recognized each other as looking familiar. Her name was Lisa. She was extremely pleasant and a wonderful person to talk to.

Once again Beth Feldman of did it again. She's a true talent and terrific person.

It is always such a pleasure meeting such fascinating women.

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