Safety Tips to Prevent Your Dream Pool from Becoming a Nightmare

Whether it’s a cosy hot tub, a full-sized pool or something in between, having a private place to take a dip at home is one of life’s greatest luxuries. There is little that compares to shrugging off the day’s troubles with a few relaxing laps or a good book and the gentle massage of…

Why Every Family Needs Business-Level Internet Security

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Every day it becomes easier and easier to hack websites, blogs, home networks, and phones. Nothing seems to be immune from malicious digital attacks, but you can make it harder for them to get in. 

We've been testing the…



Looking for Christian Bloggers/ Writers to cover specific topics for established Team Blog

Hey! My name is Noelle and I am the founder of a website called Take Root and Write and the Christian Women's Community connected to it called Christian Women Take Root.

We have over 24 Christian women that submit to their own columns either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Each column covers a very specific topic that that the writer/blogger is both passionate and equipped to write about. We just had open house on July 17th and we are doing very well! Our private community next door has over 220 Christian women gathered and grows everyday. The community is a network like Moms Blogger Club, but is different that it centers around the columns of our main site Take Root and Write. Along with other awesome opportunities for christian women to connect and grow. I am just going to copy and paste from my TRW Potential Writers page from the site. This will cover what I am looking for at this time which can change of course. If you are at all interested, read below and then also check out the Potential Writers page in full at TRW and either email me from there or contact me via MBC. (email is on that page)

Potential Writers for these areas will need to show me what qualifies them to write for a particular topic. It cannot be only because you are dealing with one of these areas in your own life, but that you are also equipped to encourage, inform, educate, and support other christian women in these areas.

Potential Writers of TRW do not need to be published authors. (although yes, many of them are) From the start of TRW it has been my prayer that God not let me miss ANY women He sends my way because of me getting in the way! I know many Christian Women out there blogging and have a gift for writing and encouragement. Maybe no one hardly reads your blog. But God has annointed you to say something. I pray over every decision I make for the TRW team. For you and For TRW. If you truly feel you could do it and God is prompting you, it can't hurt to contact me.

Never take it personal if it does not work out for you to write for us. God knows ALL things. We trust you will be where He wants you! If He wants you somewhere else, we pray He closes the door for you here!

Here are the topics at this time. I update it as it changes. So you can always check back.

* Divorce Care/ Recovery
* Un-Equal Marriage (Married to a non- Christian Man)
* Infertility
* Raising Special Needs Children
* Being a Mom that deals with an acute illness.
* Finances
* Dealing with Mental Illness
* Gardening
* Marriage; All about Marriage, also keeping it alive!
* Beauty/ Fitness
* Scrapbooking
* [IF YOU have something very specific that you don't see here or on the site already- email me]

If it's for you and you want to get your voice heard even more, check it out and contact me!
Blessings to you!
Noelle Mena

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