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Tweefo Warrior Screech…. Yiyiyiyyiyiyiyiyi!!!!!

I've been thinking a lot about passion lately. Not romantic passion (puh-lease). I'm talking about the kind of passion that inspires us to action!

You know the feeling. It kicks off when you get a great idea, when you experience something inspiring, or when you think about something you truly enjoy doing. For me, the feeling starts off as a thought or voice in my head. Then it moves down to my belly and tingles there a bit before welling up into my chest and exploding into sheer excitement. That type of fire doesn't come along every day. It's rare and precious.

Lately this is the feeling I've been getting when I think about the possibility of freelancing full time, working from home to be more available to my family, and putting some real focus into starting a new business with an associate of mine. These are things that I've thought about for years; just knocking the ideas around in my head. But now, there's real passion behind those thoughts. And with passion comes action...

It's time to make power moves!

You know what's funny? I always try to inspire passion in my daughter by helping her explore new things. Cooking, playing sports, taking art classes...anything to get her thinking about the things she loves and how she could parlay them into bigger things. But seriously, how long did it take me to discover my passion? It certainly didn't happen when I was 12 or 13.

We always say "youth is wasted on the young" and it might be true. I'm just finding my way now...a tweefo with so much focus and passion in my 30s that sometimes it scares me. Had I had this type of fire in my teens and 20s...With all that energy and those young legs?...I'd be Oprah by now!

Some times I think I'm a late bloomer, but the fact is, I wouldn't have known what to do with all this passion in my 20s. I've got more wisdom, experience, inner strength, and confidence than ever; and I'm looking forward to whole lot more (especially that "who-gives-a-damn" attitude that makes little old ladies come out of their faces with whatever honest thought is in their heads, be it hilarious or hurtful). Now I've not only got fire...but I've got the know-how to take serious action. Dammit, that feels good!

So much of our culture, especially as women, is based upon recapturing lost youth. Feeling younger, looking younger, acting younger. Screw that! Don't ever lament lost youth, Mamas. We're so much better now!

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