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A B to Jay-Z Is The Coolest Kids Book Ever

You'll be hard-pressed to find a parent who disparages the timelessness of classic Mother Goose nursery rhymes, but for parents looking for a children's book with more octane, look no further than A B to Jay-Z. Adding a healthy hit of urbanity into homes around the world, A B to Jay-Z stays true to its claim, “If you're having alphabet problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but my ABC's ain't one.”

Created by expectant parent Jessica Chiha, A B to Jay-Z brings a street-smart love of literacy to storytime. These intrepid parents-to-be wanted to create a book that combined their love of hip hop with their love of their child. And just like that, A B to Jay-Z was born.

What began as a KickStarter initiative soon took on a life of its own, with parents readily funding Chiha project. When the world-rounded Australian street artist Alex Lehours learned of the book-to-be, he was likewise inspired by the equally edgy and educational vision of the expectant parents. His fierce and fresh work adds an undeniable urbanity to the book, and helps to celebrate both the vibrant world of hip-hop, and street culture.

The enthusiasm of the authors and illustrators is shared by parents around the world, who have quickly snagged this inspired book for their present and future ballers. A B to Jay-Z proves that keeping it real means keeping education relevant to the readers - though you don’t have to be a hip hop enthusiast to appreciate this book.  A B to Jay-Z is an education in and celebration of street and rap culture. Bringing urbanity into the homes of all, the life of any child can be enriched by the Chiha’s creation.

Featuring classic artists like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, and LL Cool J and newer voices, like J Cole and Kendrick Lamar, A B to Jay-Z is a great way to spend some sweet QT with your OGs. Pick up a copy today.

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