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A Book Review: One Thousand Gifts Gifts by Ann Voskamp


One of my many passions in life is reading.  I have always loved to read, even when I was very young.  The page carries me away to another place in time like no other medium can.  Books make me very happy.  Since I started blogging in October, I have hardly read a book.  I miss it so much and have whined about this phenomenon more than once. There is only limited time to have fun, you know.


Well last week I went to a women’s retreat with my church.  I won a door prize and was awarded this beautiful book by Ann Voskamp.  It is titled One Thousand Gifts.   One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are The cover itself  is stunning and hopeful.  I opened the cover the moment I arrived home.  Within moments my hand covered my heart and my heart, well, it was in pain.  Ann writes despair so acutely that you feel it to the core of your being.  The book is riveting.

Ann writes beautifully, uniquely.  Listen to her words:

“—or when you just simply get up every day and live life raw—you murmur the question soundlessly.  No one hears.  Can there be a good God?  A God who graces with good gifts when a crib lies empty through long nights, and bugs burrow through coffins?  Where is God, really?  How can He be good when babies die, and marriages implode and dreams blow away, dust in the wind?  Where is grace bestowed when cancer gnaws and loneliness aches and nameless places in us soundlessly die, break off without reason, erode away.  Where hides this joy of the Lord, this God who fills the earth with good things, and how do I fully live when life is full of hurt?  How do I wake up to joy and grace and beauty and all that is the fullest life when I must stay numb to losses and crushed dreams and all that empties me out?”

Her choice of words is simply beautiful and so descriptive.  You feel every emotion that she transmits.  She has a rare and magical gift and this book is also rare and magical.  1000 Gifts is a treasure and I know that it will remain in my library for the rest of my life.  It is a book I will go back to over and over again for inspiration and comfort.  It is a book that I want to share, with you, and everyone I know.  This book is about gratitude.  It is about seeing God in all things.  It is about discovering  joy.  And the good news is that it has a happy ending and you will rejoice. You can find the book here:  One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

My One Thousand Gifts list begins:

1. Doc, only you, I and God know the hand He played in our meeting, marriage and lifetime together. I am so grateful to Him for you.

2. Holly, clearly from the Lord she came, a gift when we thought we couldn’t have our own children. She is His in every way, I am so grateful that He is sharing her with us.

3. Grant, if I had only known you were meant so perfectly for us, we would have never worried and fretted about you.  You were in God’s hands even though you were not yet in ours.  We should have known you were in good hands. I am so grateful that He took such good care of you and does still.  I am so grateful that He knew you belonged with us.

4.  Home:  We were the first people to move into our neighborhood.  I prayed for a neighborhood filled with children.  This is where the “be careful what you pray for” snippet comes in to truth.  The real truth is that God answered my prayer fully and completely and I am so grateful that my children have such a wonderful life in a neighborhood filled with children.  Praise Him.

5. Alopecia: I am so grateful that I still have hair.  I am also so grateful that I do not see this as the most horrible thing in the world. One could really perseverate on their Alopecia.  Though I have had my moments, for the most part, I take it in stride. He has given me so much peace.

Only 995 to go. That should be pretty easy.  See ya soon.

Note:  This review is simply my expressed opinion of this lovely book that inspired me to share it with you.  I am not being paid in any way to review this book, I am simply sharing my joy.

Ann Volskamps websites can be found here One Thousand Gifts and here A Holy Experience


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