Understanding the Most Common Mental Health Conditions

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Best Blinds for Families

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(I was tagged with the holiday story tag. So I had to write a holiday story on Kat Logic and then have to tag 4 others to do a New Years story. I'm including a portion of it here , sinse it's rather long. You can view the rest of it by visiting Kat Logic.)

A Christmas Wish

Logan pulled the covers up tight beneath Josh’s chin. At just six years old, Josh had a firm grip on Logan’s heart. His bright blue eyes sparkled like the Northern star. Josh was no doubt proof that God was big on second chances.

“Just three more nights, huh Dad?” Josh pointed to the calendar with the big green circle around the twenty-five.
“Yeah, just three. Now get some sleep. We’re going to see Santa tomorrow and ride the train.” Josh piped in, “And wear our pajamas… and drink hot chocolate?” His smile stretched from ear to ear at the mere thought of it. Logan nodded and kissed the tip of Josh’s nose. “Good night, son.”

He took one last look before turning out the light.

The smell of the fresh cut tree lingered from room to room. It was a far cry better than the first Charlie Brown tree he brought home twelve years ago. Their first year together. Just him and her. Just the thought of it brought about a silent yet forgotten chuckle. One he’d tucked away several years ago. Logan allowed himself a moment to drift back to those days long ago. Long before Josh came to be. Long before he was ever a discussion. As much joy as Josh brought into their lives, Logan’s heart ached for those quiet nights alone with Sarah under the white light and candy cane covered tree. He tucked away his hidden loneliness and headed for bed.

I wish I could tell her how much I miss those days… how much I miss the way it was when we were young and free. God, it’s been so long since we… Logan scolded himself for even thinking it after all they’d been through as he unplugged the tree. He crawled in on his side of the bed and like clock-work he rolled over to face the wall and pretended to fall asleep long before he actually did.

The morning came and Josh couldn’t wait to give Santa his list. He’d kept it a big secret, even from his dad..his best friend in the whole wide world. It was the first secret he’d ever had and today he was going to tell Santa just what he wanted for Christmas. He could hardly sit still the whole ride to the train. They chit-chatted about the upcoming church play, about the snow they hadn’t seen in forever, and how they still had a gingerbread house to bake. Nothing of the list. Not a word.

It was their tradition. Just the two of them. One Logan was thankful he’d started when Josh was just barely old enough to unwrap a gift. Now, with Josh well over six years old, it was the one tradition that gave him a much needed excuse to get out of the cold house that use to be a home.

“Got your list ready?”

Josh held his folded up piece of paper high in the air with a smug grin. Santa would know what to do. He would make all Josh’s dreams come true. He was eighth in line to sit on Santa’s lap. He knew ’cause he counted with both his hands and still had two fingers left over. That made eight. Logan waited off to the side with his camera ready as Josh crawled up in Santa’s lap and leaned over to whisper in his hear. After several seconds, Santa shot an empathetic look towards Logan just as the flash rendered him blind for blink or two.

Oh, no..what’s he telling that man? God, please don’t let him be…

Josh hopped down after handing Santa the folded up note. Santa gave a quick nod and patted Josh on his head before taking the next kid on his over-sized lap that jiggled like a bowl full of jelly.

The next few days passed with very little Christmas talk from anyone other than Josh. An occasional group of holiday well-wishers would make their way through the neighborhood offering yuletide carols and waving through the large picture window of the living room. A card or two came through the mail but Josh was the only one interested in who was sending them. He lined them up on the mantel where their three stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

The twenty-fourth had come and it was time for Josh to be nestled in his bed with visions of sugar plums dancing about in his excited little blond head. “Daddy, don’t forget to leave some milk and cookies for Santa.” Logan swallowed hard to force down the lump in the back of his throat. It was the only time of year he ever dared to cry and he didn’t dare let anyone see him. His six-foot three inch stature didn’t mesh well with soaking wet cheeks. He gave a quick nod as he pulled the door just closed enough to leave a tiny stream of light running across Josh’s power ranger covered floor. He poured a cup of milk, took a few gulps and took several bites out of the day old chocolate chip cookies…Santa’s favorite.

(You can view the rest of this on Kat Logic.)

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