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A Guide To Organise The Perfect Picnic Brunch

One of the favourite things about summertime is the picnic. Whenever you are planning for that perfect picnic, you need to think of many considerations that would make your picnic a perfect one. There are several decisions that you need to take before you plan for a picnic right starting from the weather conditions, the number of attendants to costs and dietary requirements. Some of them are discussed below.

1.      Calculating the size of the picnic: Roughly jot down the list of people who are likely to attend the picnic. Making a list helps you in planning the food, location, entertainment, etc. which are essential while organising a picnic.

2.      Choosing a location: The beauty of picnics lies in the location. So, choosing a perfect picnic location is a tough job. It may be at the beach, in a local park, around your back garden or in urban areas. Once the location is selected you can plan for the next stages.

3.      Different picnic equipment: A perfect picnic is little more than just the food and location. Selecting the correct equipment is very important. You must pack two containers. One is the picnic basket which would contain the tableware and all other non-perishable items whereas the other is the cooler for the cold food and beverages.

4.      Picnic timings: As the saying goes that timing is very important, deciding the right time of day for your picnic is very important. You might pick the best time for your picnic so that you do not miss a sunset or sunrise. Depending on the time of day, picnics can be divided into different categories such as breakfast picnic, brunch picnic, lunch, and dinner picnic. People often opt for the brunch picnics after all fun and relax is the goal of any picnic. Brunch is generally a combination of breakfast and lunch. It is eaten during the late morning to early afternoon.

5.      Brunch picnics eliminate the need of rising early and preparing food. It makes your day cheerful and puts you in a good mood.

Always keep in mind that whenever you are planning for a brunch, your options are myriad as you can serve breakfast or lunch dishes or a combination of two. To make your brunch picnic a successful one, you can choose one egg dish along with fruit salad or pastries. You can also add a cocktail or mocktail to make your summer brunch picnic more chilling.

  • Eggs: Preparing hard boiled eggs are always a better option. They take almost no place in your picnic basket and you can prepare them in just a few minutes. You can also prepare scrambled eggs or other egg dishes such as classic devilled eggs. Eggs are a rich source of vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, B12, D, E, K, zinc, phosphorous and calcium. It regulates your blood sugar level and decreases the calorie intake throughout the day.
  • Pancakes: You can also prepare some stacks of pancake, waffle or even French toast. Sweet dishes are always a perfect option for a brunch picnic. The basic waffle recipe is very easy. Just preheat the waffle iron. Take another bowl and mix flour, soda, salt, sugar, baking powder, melted butter, eggs and buttermilk altogether. Ladle the waffle batter onto the iron and cook until the waffle is completely ready.
  • Prepare a refreshing fruit salad by gathering all the seasonal fruits and mixing them.
  • You can serve the dishes with either alcoholic or non-alcoholic juices. Non-alcoholic beverages include ice water or fruit juices.
  • To make your brunch picnic more pleasing to the eyes, use cohesive colour palettes. For giving it a sophisticated touch, use all-white theme starting from the decorations to the centrepieces.
  • You can make your brunch picnic a buffet or a sit-down affair depending upon your choice.

Few tips to remember

1.      If you are having no picnic basket, then load all your goodies into a cardboard box or a plastic bin.

2.      Never forget to carry extra condiment packets.

3.      Also, bring some plastic bags for the collection of garbage and carting the dirty dishes to home.

4.   Take all the essential products for your babies by making an essential products checklist. Also Voucherbucket is giving out exclusive discounts for baby products.

5.      Try to avoid ice cream-based dishes because they to melt away or turn bad.

6.      Start packing your basket in a reverse order. By doing so, it becomes easy to get the items you need. For example, at the bottom place all the non-perishable food followed by the serving items, tableware and the tablecloth at the top.

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