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Stride Your Way To Fun-How To Make The Most Of Your New Bike May 18, 2009
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Article I recently had published in various e-zines. Enjoy!

Purchasing a Strider Bike is just the beginning to freedom from a tricycle. Read on to find out the best and safest way to get the most out of your new bike. When receiving your new bike, take the time to read the instructions. Although it takes mere minutes to assemble, please remember the following:

- Adjust the seat AND handlebars to a common height. Handle bars should be a comfortable arms length. Seat should be adjusted with child sitting firmly, knees bent at a slight angle.

- Make sure that helmet/pads (can be purchased via Strider) are adjusted properly to your child’s head and body proportions. Helmet should be two fingers width from top of head to level of vision. It should rest securely on head-not tilt forward or slide back.

- Pads are generally not adjustable-please make sure to purchase snug but not tight fitting ones.

- Take child to a flat grassy or similar surface for his first attempt. Hard sand or mud, bicycle lanes are preferred. Do not begin on concrete or asphalt. Allow child to sit comfortably on bike. He may tilt from side to side-this is natural as he/she finds their center of balance. Allow child as much freedom as possible while exploring this new position.

- The bike is designed to be moved by the child and NOT the parent. Try to step away and let your child find his rhythm. The more the parent will hover/hold the bike, the longer it will take the child to begin moving the bike on his own.

- Expect your child (depending on his/her level/age) to become frustrated. Many children will get off and on for quite a while before getting the idea of walking while sitting.

- Remember this cannot be taught. Most children begin by shuffling their feet and moving the bike a couple of inches.

- As the child grows to relax in this seated position, his strides will become longer and the bike will move faster. Eventually the child will be scooting in a seated position and will be ready for rougher terrain.

Additional Information:

- Strider Bikes are so small and light they go anywhere. Keep them in your trunk ready for any outdoor activity.

- They are easily hung on the handles of any carriage.

- Gloves may not fit-cut tips off. Most riders will never need more than one pair.

- Children LOVE to Stride. Be sure to keep them well-hydrated and feed small intermittent snacks.

- Until child is able to maneuver the bike on his own please stay in enclosed area with a giving terrain.

- Always assume responsibility for your child’s safety

- Teach your child the “rules of the road” when using the bike path/park.

- Expect bruises and scrapes mostly on hands.

For more advanced riders who expose themselves to injury, a full face helmet is recommended. Please note: full face helmets are heavy on a child’s head and may cause more hindrance than help. Weigh your options.

Follow these tried and true suggestions from Strider families and you too will be on your way to hours of healthy outdoor activties that even your youngest can participate in!

Annette Simmons is a Mom/Entrepreneur who is passionate about providing for her family. She makes it her mission to remain current on the latest trends,products and information valuable to the family unit.

Her latest passion, Strider Bikes, fired her up to the point that she is now an Independent Distributor! To purchase/view the bike in action please visit our website:

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