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Dear Self,

As your much older and wiser self, I am writing you to fill you in on a few things you don't know..

1. Love will find you. You may not think it will ever happen for you, but you are very wrong.
If you would only wait and stop chasing after all those boys who are
either not interested in you, or not interested in you for the right
reasons you would find you have a lot more time on your hands. Trust me,
this guy is worth the wait.

2. Life will not turn out like you think. Those
things that you think are important to you now, you won't even remember
in a few years. And things that you would have never dreamed of
happening will happen. And the funny thing is, you will wonder how you
ever lived before that happened.

3. Be flexible.
Life is full of ups and downs, the quicker you can learn to roll with
the punches and accept the bad with the good, the quicker you will get
back up and try again. Don't ever stop getting back up again.

5. Invest in yourself. Take
the time to do the things that you really enjoy and build yourself and
your knowledge. It's amazing how quickly time goes when your looking at
it backwards. That is when you realize if you would have done just a
little bit of writing everyday like you always meant to, you would be on
your 2nd bestselling novel right now. Instead you watched tv.

6. Enjoy your freedom.
At the moment you have spending money and no debt and no mortgage and
not much responsibility. Go traveling for a year, or apply for a job in
New York, or work on a cruise ship. There is really no end to your
possibilities, and you have the rest of your life to be responsible and
settle down.

7. Don't be afraid. There
are a lot of things you were too scared to do, but as you get older
you will look back and wonder "what if I would have tried". And that is
much much scarier than falling flat on your face a few times.

8. You can't do everything. You know, mom and dad always said you can do anything you set your mind
to. That's a lie, a well meaning one, but still a lie. You will never
be president, or a famous movie star, or the inventor of the next apple
mega company. Accept your limitations, and work to your strengths.

9. It gets better. More complicated and definitely harder, yes, but still better. As you get
more comfortable in your own skin and learn who you really are, you
realize that you don't have to compare yourself to others because you
are truly one of a kind and have great things about you that have
nothing to do with your dress size or your collection of stuff or the
size of your bank account.

10. Invest in Apple, not in BP, and whatever you do, don't join the army to pay for your University, because you might end up going places you never wanted to go. Hot dusty places.

Love your very much older and wiser 28 year old Self

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