3 years ago today, our Roman was born.  I woke early and felt great but I was nervous about what was to come.  I can remember thinking about how crazy it was that I felt so good and in just a few short hours, I would be in a lot of pain.  Repeat C-Section.  I bent over and touched my toes, twisted from side to side, jumped a few times, bent backwards then forwards… acted silly I guess you could say.  I knew it’d be weeks before I could do things like that again and I wanted to feel those muscles one ‘last’ time.  I showered and put a little make up on (because I’m ‘one of those girls’) and I couldn’t believe we’d soon be a family of 4.

Brian and I took Rocco to be with my mom and I kissed him over and over; he had no clue how his life was about to change.  I was nervous again.  We arrived at the hospital and by then, I was shaky nervous… sweating.  I lost my adrenalin and became tired.  I think I got myself worked up and was more nervous for this c-section because I knew that I would be in recovery by mid morning.  Brian snapped my final prego pic…I struggled through my nerves to give him a smile.  He prayed for me and off we went.

My C-Section went better than great and within 40 minutes…

We met our Roman Michael… He was a perfect gift.

-3 years later-

Dear Roman,

Where has the time gone?  I can’t believe that you are 3 today when it feels like just yesterday you were kicking and squirming in my belly.  You have brought me nothing but pure joy in the last 3 years and I love learning about the boy you are.  You have so much to give and are so full of life and love; its contagious!  You are playful and spunky and busy beyond words.  I giggle at how well you keep me on my toes.

One of my favorite things to do is watch you play with your brother, Rocco.  He is your world and whether you know it yet or not, he adores you too.  You are my fearless child and I believe that’s why you are our 2nd born son.  I think Rocco came first to hold you back (a bit) from the dangers of the world.  He keeps you in line and takes care of you.  Even though you fight and beat up on each other; I know how strong your love is and I pray the bond you have stays strong like this forever.

At age 3, I’m amazed of how independent you are.  You love to learn about the world around you and even when you do something you shouldn’t, I find it hard to be mad at you when you look at me and smile.  Come to think about it, I think you know how cute your smile is.  How that dimple on your cheek gets me every time and how the twinkle in your eye can get you out of any kind of trouble.  You definitely have a way about you.

One of the things I love most about you is that you’re cautious of who you give your heart to.  You’re picky about everything but I like that.  You know just what you want and that will get you far in life.  Your strong and tough and sensitive and sweet; all at the same time.  And just so you know, nothing gets me more than when you grab my cheeks each night and say,

“Mommy, one more kiss.”…..”One more on this ear.”…..”One more on your nose.”…..”One more on your lips.”…..  “One more on your head.”…

You are such a treasure to me and I thank God every day that He gave you to me; to us.  Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet boy.


Your Mama

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