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I am such an unorganized, kinda messy, sometimes lazy, scatterbrained, procrastinating person. It really is awful trying to get anything done because nothing in my mind gets done through my actions. I start putting something away, find something that belongs somewhere else, and then start doing stuff in that room. Before I know it, half the day is gone, I've been super busy and have accomplished nothing. Nothing is in it's place, because it doesn't have a place. Also, lately, it feels as if my DD 4 always wants me to play with her, and I wind up telling her "mommy's too busy right now" and I still don't get what I was trying to do done! Now, please don't get me wrong, I don't neglect my DD, we have mommy/daughter time every single night when DS 6 months goes to sleep, BUT, I do wish I would stop being quite as selfish, and give her the extra time she craves and deserves!........ WHEW!...... I have made the first step towards recovering....admitting I have a problem! Now, to move forward.....

So, this past week I have rediscovered FlyLady, and I am hooked! I tried it once before, but could not handle that she wanted me to do everything in "babysteps". Little did I realize, that is why I never got anything done, I was to busy trying to do everything at once that nothing got finished, and by the end of it all, I had a bigger mess than I started with! Talk about frustrating. Alas, I have decided I would give the program another go, and get busy getting my house decluttered, and to a constant state of cleanliness so that seasonal cleaning never needs to be done!!!! Plus, I will still be getting my housework done, AND be making time for DD to play whenever she wants! I don't want to be too busy for her, she will only be small once, and I want her memories to be of a mommy who took that extra time to make her feel special! *tears are starting ~ Ok, Teresa, keep it together, you are working to make things different!!* Sorry, just needed a little pep talk so as to keep myself from falling apart!!

That aside, I look forward to starting fresh, taking a new outlook on life, making a difference in the organization in my home AND life.  Lowering my stress factor will be one of  the benefits my family and I will reap.

Ok, now we're going to left field, as my husband would say, and on to a different topic...

I would also like to take this time to introduce yet another series I have just thought up today. Starting Monday, I would like to introduce "Mommy's Favourite Monday". Now, I know what you're thinking! "What, favourite Monday, that's absurd, there is no such thing as a favourite Monday, well, except maybe a holiday Monday!" But, wait, this will be a series where can you can actually look forward to Monday! The premise is this. I will pick a topic.... say....laundry detergent...and I will tell you my favourite and why. Then, as a help to others, I want you to leave a comment telling me your favourite and why. I think this will be a great way to do "mini-reviews" and to introduce other moms to different products they may not have heard of or tried.

I would also like to know if there is a certain topic you would like covered, to see what others think about it. If so please send me an e-mail @    I look forward to getting some feedback so we can make Monday a day to look forward to!

This first Monday, I will be covering my favourite stain remover. So, grab your thinking cap, your stain remover, and get ready to tell me why it's the best! I look forward to hearing what you have found to be the best! See you Monday!

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