This morning I was reading a testimony my friend wrote about her experience with a recent mission group of 20 people that our church welcomed from Mexico.  The testimony she shared was so incredible that it literally moved me to tears and I knew I had to share it with you all.  

Please read and enjoy this story from my friend Ana who was the organizer on our end for this very historic event!


When David De La Rosa came to visit in April with the idea to bring a mission team from Mexico to Zagreb for two weeks, I told him he was very ambitious.

Later while working on the preparations for the project, I suddenly realized what a big thing this was going to be and began to panic.  I told God, "I can't do this.  It is too big.  If you don't help us and don't do a miracle, there is no chance that we are going to get this done."  I wrote David about how scared I was.  His answer to my email was, "If you are afraid, I am panicked, but God is a big God."  So, we continued on with the plans.


Over the next few months of preparations I was faced with the impossible many times.  So many times I stood before God and prayed that He would resolve things by the next day, that we would get the permits we needed for the outdoor concerts, and that we would be able to find a place to house the group of 20 who were coming.  So many times this was all I could do.  I was discouraged and sometimes alone and helpless.  All I could do was pray.




When the team finally arrived in Croatia, I still couldn't believe that they were here.  It seemed liked a miracle.  Although I knew more about this project and team than anyone else, I never dreamed that I would experience what I experienced - what everyone experienced.  I knew that people far away in Mexico were praying for us, that God speak to us through this team.  I knew that the team had experienced problems in raising money.  I trusted David that they had a good worship team and all those in the group were great.  But I didn't know what a blessing this project and this team would be to all of us.




To say that I was fascinated is an understatement for what I felt that first evening when I heard them praise God.  The only word I can use to describe that evening, and the entire two weeks, is joy.  God used them to bring joy back into my heart, and I believe into many other's hearts.  This is what we are missing, I thought.  True joy of knowing the Lord.  True worship in simplicity and obedience of heart.  They came here to tell us how much God loves us, that He has a plan for our church and our country.  




But more than anything I was impressed with the love that we all felt, love that God placed in their hearts for us, for a people they had never met, and a land that they didn't know about until a few months before.




Something else that impressed me was their dedication.  They invested more than $58,000 (300,000 kn) to come to Croatia to bring us this message from God.  Even though quite possibly at the beginning they didn't have even $500 (3000kn).  They sold fruit, chocolate, worked two jobs, requested vacation time, took out credit, and even left their jobs because God had told them to go!




And in the end who wouldn't feel loved?  I believe that we are all thinking about how much God loves us after he has performed so many miracles so that these people could come and visit us.  And how much He loves us, as we received something so powerful from His children.  Looking through eyes of the natural it is hard to believe that God could take a handful of us with not-so-fervent hearts and do something so great.  But God said that this is actually His plan.  From a poor people preoccupied with their own lives He wants to do something so great.  God wants to bring us revival.  After their visit my life will never be the same.  Now I can say that I know what sacrifice means.  Not jut because I saw their sacrifice, but because God showed me what it means for me to give all I have for His kingdom.







Thank you for sharing...

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