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A Summer to Remember : How to Capture Your Family’s Summer Memories

With August approaching we realize summer will soon be over. As parents, summer reminds of our childhood memories—spending the day outdoors, soaking up the warm summer sun and playing hide-and-seek in the tall grass.

The same can’t be said for our children today. With the digital age upon us, the world moves fast and many children are missing the important moments in life that should be remembered and cherished.

With precious time left in summer, we challenge you and your children to unplug, slow down and take time to live in the present. The moments may be fleeting, but the memories can last a lifetime.

To help your children appreciate their summer, start a new family tradition that captures the essence of these nostalgic days. There are many small projects you can do with your children. We know it can be a challenge to find the perfect project for everyone in your family, so we put together a list of ideas to inspire you!


Scrapbooks are incredibly simple keepsakes that allow your family to be creative. You can include photos, stickers, tickets, magnets, card and notes from important people and places throughout the summer. They are a beautiful way to tell the story of your summer, and years from now your children will have something to remind them of their wonderful childhood. 

Time Capsule

There is nothing that creates a link to the past quite like a time capsule. Whether it’s your child’s first trip to camp or pictures of a fishing trip with dad, gather mementos like medals, seashells and pictures to help them remember each unique experience. Use a sturdy capsule that can hold up to years of weather, and bury the capsule in a place you and your child won’t forget. Then, when the time comes to find the buried capsule, you, your children and their children will bring the past to the future in one unforgettable moment.

Video Clips

Getting your children to completely disconnect from the digital world may seem impossible. Instead of fighting technology, embrace it! For this project, have your children take videos of their summer adventures, whether it’s an epic capture the flag match, baseball game or a personal clip of their thoughts. Then, edit the videos into a single short film they can watch in the future!


If you don’t have time to complete a project this year, we have the perfect summer-long project for 2015! Have your children begin a personal journal on the first day of summer, and encourage them to add a new entry everyday. These entries can include secrets, dreams and stories. Foster their imagination by giving them a line to start with, for example, “On my way to the store I ran into…”

Keeping a journal is not only a great way to trigger a child’s creativity and imagination, but it can also serve as a gateway to the past that records small, everyday things that are typically forgotten as one gets older.

Childhood summers are full of funny, priceless and embarrassing moments that should never be forgotten. We hope these ideas get your children to slow down just enough to appreciate all the wonderful things that happen during the summer this year and for years to come! If you have any other project ideas to add, please leave them in the comments below.

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