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A trip 5 years in the making ... or was that Forty Five?

So It is already a month into the summer break and I am amazed, as I always am, by the swiftness of time. Like many of us I have two favorite times, Summer and the Holiday Season. Both have a huge build up and both are over entirely too soon. My object for each is to enjoy every moment. I am off to a good start with this season.

We started this summer by making our first trip back to New York since we left almost 5 years ago. Yes, we made quick one and two day trips for a christening, a goodbye to one of our dear friends, and I made a solo trip to Manhattan to see some college friends this past Fall, but this was the first Family Vacation and true visit back to the Hood.

I will sum it up to say it was truly the best trip of my lifetime! I am blessed to have a baby brother and sister-in-law who I love and love my children as their own. I will say the same for their boys … my heart is still partly behind with them on Long Island. I headed up to NY with my Three _____ (the title changed on different legs of the trip) while Tom stayed behind to finish up his work week.

I loved just piling them in, buckling up and heading on out. I don’t understand the heroically strong women in my life that were amazed by the fact I would travel with my kids by myself. ”Aren’t you afraid to be alone with them for that long in the car?” I am alone with them for much longer amounts of time in much less controlled circumstances! At least here in the ‘Burban I can strap them in place and control the volume! I have a cell phone and AAA registration … it is all good! Hell, I have done Disney by myself with them, this was cake~

I was so excited to travel to Upstate, NY after leaving my kids with their Aunt and Uncle for the weekend and reuniting with my sorority sisters at our Alma Mater or what could better be described as the Scene of the Crimes. It did not disappoint.

For the first time in the 12 years I have been a parent, I left my kids with someone that wasn’t their parent for more than a few hours. It should have been a nerve wrecking, stressful time but thanks to the love my kids were getting on the Island and the love I was surrounded with up on the Lake, it was the perfect weekend for all of us! I think it is safe to say I have not laughed that hard in decades!

The week following was filled with running around to see good friends, eating good food and laughing, laughing, laughing!!! We traveled from E. Meadow in Nassau County to Amagansett at the far end of the Island and everywhere in between! Halfway through Tom flew in and joined us on our Farewell Tour. It was just fabulous.

All of this culminated with a High School Reunion with my oldest and dearest friends and again more laughter than a woman with 3 children can stand without the assistance and insurance of Depends!

So my kids want to move back AND live where we are now; both at the same time. They don’t understand that when you live somewhere it isn’t a party every day. Work, school and responsibilities follow you wherever you go. It is great to know though, that YES! You can go Home again!

Thanks to everyone we got to see and Sorry for those we still couldn’t catch up with. I promise it won’t be 5 years until our next trip …. we can travel now without the threat of hospital stays and port accesses!!!! Yea!


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